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How to Build Your Brand Using Technology, Social Media and Online Assets with Dustin Brohm

So many people shy away from a career in sales because they believe they’re not ‘salespeople’. How can you build your brand without using aggressive sales tactics? Where should you be concentrating your efforts, and which tools should you be using? On this episode, host of the Massive Agent podcast, Dustin Brohm shares how social media and online assets took his brand to the top.



By broadening your online content, you’ll get people to know, like and trust you. -Doren Aldana



  • Be honest about what you want to do and what you’re good at. If you don’t enjoy aggressive marketing, like direct phone calls, find a different approach.

  • Any kind of sales requires people to know, like and trust you. Video makes this very easy, on a large scale.

  • Branding is about getting people to recognize you. Market yourself to your community- but rather than selling your products, offer advice, reviews and insights for free. Make sure you’re recognizable even before people need your services.


At the start of the episode, Dustin shared that he struggled with traditional forms of marketing as a real estate agent. He then explained why he started using social media to brand himself, rather than his area of expertise. Dustin is adamant that his success comes from being authentic and serving his community.

We also discussed:

  • Why it’s important to consider the platform where you post your content
  • That content is more important than the frequency of your online activity
  • The necessity for good graphics


Social media and internet tools are changing the game in more ways than one. However, remember that even though the internet gives you access to a wider reach than was previously possible, sometimes the best business you can attract is in your own community. Be authentic online to attract the right customer, and focus on being a great guide and helper in your sphere of influence. With so many options out there for your customer, it’s more important now than ever before to make sure your community knows, likes and trusts you.


Guest Bio -

Dustin Brohm is a Real Estate Agent, national speaker, trainer and host of the Massive Agent podcast. He’s also a marketer at heart, and is passionate about using technology to brand himself and his business more effectively. Dustin believes that authenticity is the key to doing business more effectively, and that being yourself not only entices the right client for you; but discourages the wrong ones from approaching you as well.


To find out more about Dustin, search @DustinBrohm or @massiveagent on all social media platforms.

You can also find him on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dustinbrohm

And listen to his podcast on https://massiveagentpodcast.com

How to Stop Being Good and Start Being Remarkable w/Erik Hatch


A lot of the time, we simply go through the motions of what’s expected of us in business, at home, or in our communities. How can you stop doing what’s merely ‘good’, and start being remarkable? What do you need to do to set yourself apart as a phenomenal entrepreneur, parent, spouse, or friend? On this episode, I talk with business coach, consultant, speaker and entrepreneur, Erik Hatch to answer these questions and more.



Figure out who you are going to be, and be exceptional. -Erik Hatch



  • Look at everything holistically. You can’t be one person at work and a different person at home. Market yourself for who YOU are, in your entirety.

  • Own up to your mistakes and share your failures with others. You can gain trust more easily by being transparent about your brokenness.

  • To be remarkable, you have to be intentional and consistent. Be sure of what you want to do, and keep doing it.

At the start of the episode, Erik shared why you need to know who you are, and market the best version of yourself to the world. He then mentioned why some people may need to take smaller steps before they feel comfortable enough to be fully transparent. Towards the end of the episode, Erik explained how you can become remarkable once you’ve set your goals.


We also discussed:

  • Why it’s vital to have a measurable timeline and a strategy with numbers associated
  • The importance of building one-on-one relationships with people
  • Why you should share your vulnerabilities on social media


The importance of personal relationships is immeasurable to your business. However, remember never to treat one area of your life in isolation from the rest. Your life in business can never be detached from your life at home. Take a holistic approach, and be intentional and consistent.


Guest Bio -

Erik Hatch is a Realtor, business coach, consultant, speaker and entrepreneur. With a passion for building relationships, Erik believes that the only way to become remarkable is by going the extra mile when people are in need. Erik is also adamant that failure is a part of everyone’s story, and that we should own our downfalls as much as we celebrate our successes.


To find out more about Erik, head to: www.hatchcoaching.com  

Why You Need to Use LinkedIn & How to Maximize Your Reach w/Tracy Enos

Social media is a fantastic tool for business, and LinkedIn is at the top of the list of platforms that can help you generate leads. What type of content should you be posting to your LinkedIn account? How can you start making connections with a wider scope of people? On this episode, marketing expert and international bestselling author of LinkedIn Publishing to Profits, Tracy Enos, shares her advice for using Linkedin as a tool for success.



When someone connects with you on Linkedin, remember to tell them you’re honored to be a part of their network. -Tracy Enos



  • Make sure your LinkedIn profile is attractive, enticing, and relevant. This goes for entrepreneurs and recruiters alike. If you want people to be interested in what you’re offering, make sure your profile looks genuine.

  • Grow your network. By connecting with high school friends and others you might not see as your ‘ideal’ customer, you can connect with their respective databases. Don’t exclude anyone from your database. Even if they won’t become clients, they might know someone who will.

  • Get active on the LinkedIn newsfeed. To do this, make sure you’re posting great, relevant content. If a lot of people interact with your posts, Linkedin will make them available to a wider network.


At the start of the episode, Tracy shares how she was laid off twice in a short span of time. Rather than let this get to her, Tracy saw the opportunity for growth and at her sister’s suggestion, started her own business. Given her expertise in marketing, Tracy decided to start teaching people how to use LinkedIn for their businesses.


We also discussed:

  • Why LinkedIn isn’t just about popularity
  • Why your profile has to be customer-focused.
  • What to say to the people who interact with your posts.


Compared to the most popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is often overlooked. However, LinkedIn is the only platform that allows you to search for particular demographics to promote your business. More specifically, it allows you to do this without spending money on advertisements. The best tool for your business is free—why not take advantage of it right now?


Guest Bio -

With over 21 years of experience in sales and marketing, it’s safe to say that Tracy Enos is an expert in her field. However, that’s not to say her journey to success has been easy. On the contrary, despite being successful in her positions (notably, she went from $10/hour to 6 figures in just 4 months), Tracy was laid off by two companies before starting her own business. While her decision to become an entrepreneur in 2013 was a daunting one, Tracy has no regrets. By using her knowledge of marketing, Tracy now teaches people how to become as successful as possible by using Linkedin. She’s also authored an international bestseller book on the subject: Linkedin Publishing to Profits.

To connect with Tracy on LinkedIn, go to https://www.linkedin.com/in/tracyenos

You can also find out more about her on her website: www.TracyEnos.com  

And learn more about her bestselling book at: www.linkedintopublishing.com

How Developing Content Can Take Your Business to New Levels w/Justin Zimmerman


Most businesses make the mistake of deploying their marketing on a one-off basis, instead of a long-term campaign. They focus on "selling" instead of incubating using the power of education. But here's the truth: consumers want value content and advice, they don't want a sales pitch. What are the best ways to use online content to engage with your target market? Is it possible to speed up the process without compromising quality?

On this episode, I talk with the remarkable Justin Zimmerman of REDX about how we can grow our business by using social media and online content with purpose.




  • Offer content on your website and social media platforms. Doing this will help you reach wider audiences and ultimately have a bigger impact on the market.

  • Keeping a consistent pipeline of content doesn’t have to be a hassle. You can repurpose a lot of what you’ve already shared with your audience.

  • Stick to a schedule. By dedicating an hour a day to curating content, for example, you’re staying up-to-date with your goals.


At the start of the show, Justin outlined why he chose to develop a software for the real estate industry. He shared that this was an action taken to help him stand out against the competition. Justin then explained his approach to developing content and how he decides what to share.


Justin also gave insights on:

  • How you can outsource content creation to social media professionals once you’re established
  • How to ascertain what your audience wants to see
  • Why content creation should be something you do in your overtime


Guest Bio -

Justin Zimmerman is the director of content development at REDX. With a background in real estate, Justin is revered for finding success in the industry at the age of 24. Justin is the creator and pioneer of software that converted housing data into a simpler, more user-friendly format for everyone involved in the process of buying and selling property.

Today, Justin is an advocate for creating and sharing content with audiences to gain a greater database without needing to engage in traditional prospecting. 

To connect with Justin, head to: https://www.linkedin.com/in/justinzim

To find out more about REDX, visit: https://www.theredx.com/

How to Create Habits for Success w/ Karen Briscoe

Entrepreneurs are often told that they can achieve anything they put their minds to. While this may be encouraging, it’s still a matter of execution. How do we know we’re using our time effectively enough to reach the goals we’ve set? Is visualization truly so powerful that we can rely on it to get us to where we want to be? On this episode, acclaimed author of the 5 Minute Success books, Karen Briscoe, shares how to zone in on visualization and habit creation to find lasting success.


Vision without action is futile. - Doren Aldana



  • If you’re struggling to decide how to do something, consider your ‘why’. Paying attention to your motivation goes a long way in finding solutions.

  • Make sure that your visualizations are supplemented by actions that will help those visions come to fruition.

  • Build from the ground up, rather than diving straight in. You cannot create enduring success without a strong foundation.


At the start of the episode, Karen shared that she began her path to enduring success after raising her children. She uses this as an example to highlight that there is no timeline to success. In fact, she considers herself an example to counter the belief that it’s ever ‘too late’ to achieve your goals. Towards the end of the show, Karen emphasizes the importance of supplementing vision with action. The two are inherently linked, and one cannot be successful without the other.


Karen also gave insights on:

  • Why it’s important to monitor yourself and your progress.
  • The necessity to start forming new habits slowly.
  • How taking breaks can re-center you and help with productivity.


Visualization is a powerful tool, but it can only go so far when used in isolation. The key to success lies in tracking your activity and learning from what you’ve observed. Insanity is considered the act of repeating behaviors and expecting to see different outcomes. By monitoring yourself, you’re not only holding yourself accountable, you’re ensuring you learn from your mistakes. Create a habit of visualizing and paying attention to your behavior, and your actions will have more impact.



Guest Bio -
Karen Briscoe is the genius behind the 5 Minutes to Success books. With a successful background in real estate, Karen has crafted an approach to business that has won industry-wide acclaim. This approach is based on her own journey. Karen places emphasis on the importance of combining actions, visualization and subtle habit creation to achieve enduring success. Having generated $1.5 billion in real estate sales, her advice is not only helpful, but indeed vital to all those seeking thrive. Go to https://www.5minutesuccess.com/ for more information.

How to Build a Successful Business that Can Run Without Us w/ Jeff Cohn

Running a business that runs without us is a rewarding goal, but is not easy without the right steps. How do we scale a business and set ourselves free from the office “ball and chain”? How do we get more without actually having to give more of ourselves? How do we make ourselves unnecessary in our own businesses? On this episode, entrepreneur and founder of Elite Real Estate Systems, Jeff Cohn, shares the secrets to scaling our businesses while freeing up more of our time.



Look at every failure as an opportunity to win. You just have to keep failing forward. -Jeff Cohn



  • Own your success in advance. Having the right vision determines the results.

  • The level we invest in ourselves is connected directly to the growth of our business.

  • We often think no one else can do what we can do, but we should think about building a business where we’re not necessary.


At the beginning of the show, Jeff shared how he got started and how his journey to entrepreneurship began. Next we talked about the importance of starting with the right vision of yourself, and Jeff talked about what made him decide to leverage his business. He shared on the power of building a team of people we can pour into. Towards the end we went into some nuts and bolts about using business to set ourselves free.


We also discussed:

  • How to change your view of failure
  • How to have more without giving more of yourself
  • The importance of learning and implementing what successful people have done


Even with all the goals and aspirations in our lives, the reason people never make it to the next level is the ball and chain they’ve tied to themselves, and all the tasks they do that are unnecessary. We have to take ourselves out of the jobs and tasks that aren’t the most valuable use of our time, and we must metabolize failure into feedback to move us forward.  Building a business that runs without us requires a higher level of mindset, systems, technology, leadership, and business acumen. We have to become the people that can do that.


Guest Bio -

Jeff is Owner of Omaha's Elite Real Estate Group and founder of Elite Real Estate Systems. To find out more go to https://www.eliterealestatesystems.com for more information, for his podcast go to https://www.eliterealestatesystems.com/podcast/tag/podcast.

How to Create a Work Routine that Leads to Success w/Candy Miles-Crocker

Success isn’t complicated, but it takes consistent work to achieve. This is where most people fail. How can we get more consistent with our daily routine? What kind of activities should our work routine include? And why does our mindset play such an important role in whether we’ll be consistent with our efforts or not? In this episode, Candy Miles-Crocker talks about the struggles of building a business and how to overcome them.


Nobody can motivate you to do anything. They can inspire you, but they can’t motivate you. That comes from within. -Candy Miles-Crocker



  • The first step towards success is putting ourselves on a schedule and making a list with all the activities that need to be done that day. This way, we know what we have to do on a daily basis.

  • Our mindset influences not only our self-esteem and energy levels, but also the type of actions we take.

  • The secret to success isn’t to find a way to always be in the mood of doing hard things. It’s doing hard things despite not wanting to do them.


At the beginning of the episode, we talked about why it’s important to have a daily work routine. Next, we talked about how our mindset influences our actions, and why we should stop waiting to be motivated— and do the work regardless of how motivated we are.

We also covered:

  • Why it’s important to know our “why” and the price we’re willing to pay for our success
  • How taking action can increase our motivation level
  • Why hard work is the secret that most successful people don’t like talking about


Successful people make success look easy, but it’s far from that. We’re not entitled to success, and nobody owes us anything. This is one of the lies we have to let go of if we want to take control of our destiny. If we want to build a business, we have to understand that consistent work isn’t the hard way; it’s the ONLY way to reach success. The foundation of success is the daily activities that contribute to reaching our goal


Guest Bio -

Candy Miles-Crocker is an active real estate agent and a real estate coach. She has over 17 years of experience in the industry and is the creator of Real-Life Real Estate Training.

You can find out more about her real estate training for free, by downloading her free book The Reality of Real Estate.

The 10 Characteristics of a Top Performer w/Shon Kokoska

Rather than envy high achievers, why not find out what their secrets are, so you can become one of them? What are the success habits of top performers? What activities should we pour the lion's share of our resources into that produce the best results? In this episode, Shon Kokoska talks about the 10 Characteristics of top performers.​


Every dream that you have comes with a price tag. Are you willing to pay the price to obtain the dream? -Shon Kokoska



  • In the first phase of growth, every income generation activity is done by us. No matter how productive we are, we have a natural ceiling of achievement.
  • Research shows that around 20% of our activities yield 80% of our results. When it comes to sales, prospecting and lead generation are the activities that are the most important for the growth of our business.
  • We can’t thrive if we live in an environment where nobody believes in us or in the possibility of achieving our goals.


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At the beginning of the episode, we talked about the phases of business growth and how we can progress from one phase to another. Next, we covered what activities are the most important for our business growth and what it takes to build a winner mindset.

We also covered:

  • Why we need to recognize the activities that are worth building habits around
  • How long it takes to build a habit
  • How sharing our goals with others will make us work even harder to reach them


Trying to reinvent the wheel will cause us to lose money and time. One of the most important characteristics of top performers is being teachable and having the ability to follow proven plans instead of just winging it. We have to seek mentors and do things differently instead of repeating the same processes that didn’t work the first time. Also, we must be willing to walk the extra mile in all of our endeavors. Those who do a little more every day will finish first.


Guest Bio -

Shon Kokoska is a trainer, consultant, and coach for real estate agents. He has over 25 years of experience in real estate sales and marketing. He is also a John Maxwell-certified coach and the creator of Icon Coaching, where he hosts an elite program for real estate agents as well as live events and growth, sales, and marketing courses. You can schedule a free business assessment here.

The Reason You’re Not Getting Any Clients From Networking Events w/ Jeremy DeMerchant

Networking is often seen as a complete waste of time, and frankly, isn't worth pursuing if you don’t know what your doing. What separates the top networkers, who build a powerful, profitable team of referral partners, from all the rest? What’s the difference between the “hunter” and the “farmer” mindset? How can you turn new acquaintances into quality connections without coming off as sleazy, salesy or uncool? In this episode, Jeremy DeMerchant shares the strategy he used to build a steady stream of income with strategic networking.


The key piece is keeping that voice-to-voice or face-to-face conversation going. -Jeremy DeMerchant


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  • People fail at networking because they’re always on the hunt, and they aren’t looking to build meaningful relationships. Networking is a long-term game.
  • We have to put ourselves in the shoes of our leads, and the only way to do that is to ask questions and listen.
  • Nobody cares about what we have to offer unless it solves their problems. We shouldn’t bother offering services that aren’t problem-solvers.

At the beginning of the episode, we talked about the mindset shift from hunting down clients to listening, giving a diagnosis, and asking for permission to pitch. Next, we talked about how getting to know the people to whom we’re pitching especially helps sales with a higher price point.

We also covered:

  • Why we should choose to work with people we would otherwise be-friend
  • How we can stay in touch with our database without sending out emails or making calls
  • Why it’s never a good idea to invite someone to a coffee and deliver an unrequested pitch

People don’t want to be sold to or subjected to unrequested pitches. What our potential clients desire is to have their problems solved. We can’t win them over by buying them coffee and expecting them to say “yes” to our pitch without making sure they’re a good fit. When we play the hunter’s game, our potential clients can see that all we want to do is land a sale. We shouldn’t pitch unless we think we may have a solution after listening to what they say about their pain points.


Guest Bio -

Jeremy DeMerchant has over 20 years of experience in sales. He’s the CEO of Permission To Sell, where he teaches entrepreneurs and professionals how to increase their sales by adding value. His business was featured on ABC, NBC, FOX, and CBS, and if you want to find out more about the sales tactics he used to increase his visibility and network, join the Permission To Sell Group. You can also download his sales cheat sheet for free here.

How to Stop Relying On Zillow and Start Getting Clients Using Social Media w/James Rembert

Buying leads from platforms like Zillow can be expensive and time consuming. In the end, a very small percentage of the leads we pay for actually convert into clients — but what other options do we have? How can social media filter out low-quality leads by using custom audiences? What’s the role of video content in all of this? In this episode, James Rembert, the “Zillow Killer”, shares how effective and cost-efficient Facebook advertising can be.​


The key to Facebook advertising is being a human. -James Rembert


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  • Social media is all about communities and relationships. If we don’t treat it as such, people won’t engage with our content.
  • Video isn’t just an option. It’s an essential part of any paid traffic strategy, and a powerful way to connect with others.
  • The best way to increase our reach on social media is by being helpful without mentioning what we do for a living.


At the beginning, we talked about why many of us fail at social media advertising and why it’s important to build relationships first, and then advertise to a custom audience. We also covered why it’s important to calculate the cost per conversation as opposed to the cost per click.


We also covered:

  • How to build custom audiences on Facebook
  • Why it’s important to focus on local clients
  • How living in obscurity impacts our probability to succeed

People work with us because of who we are. Emotions we evoke and the value we deliver are the factors that drive the sale. However, unless we have conversations with people, we can’t tap into their emotions or demonstrate that we can provide value. The best way to draw people to us is to create video content. Videos can help us filter out the time wasters who wouldn’t like us in the first place, and attract the types of people who like our style and approach.


Guest Bio -

James Rembert is the Zillow Killer. Using Facebook, he provides marketing solutions to real estate agents who want to get high-quality leads without investing large amounts of money in platforms like Zillow. You can find out more about James and his work at http://www.jamesrembert.com/