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How Automation Can Benefit Your Business w/Brett Farr

July 6, 2017

Having a lot of leads is always a good start for any business. But how do you make these leads turn into customers? What are the benefits of automation - can it really bring you closer to your business? And how can you target the specific problems in our market without spreading yourself too thin? Automation specialist from Blick Digital, Brett Farr sheds some light on how automation can benefit your business' efficiency, help you identify the groups within your market, and considerably increase your profit.

Sell the prospect and don't just sell your product. - Brett Farr


  • Don't spread yourself too thin by trying to market to too many niches - pick the one or two that are the most profitable and focus on them.
  • Find who your prospects are and market directly to them rather than just up-selling the benefits of your product.
  • Make people feel like they're a part of the process and create their unique marketing experience.

We started the episode with a little bit of background on Brett and his work. Then we discussed some of the most common objections Brett identifies in his work and the best ways to overcome them. Afterwards, we talked about how a lot of small businesses just focus on marketing their product rather than on their audience and how we can work to overcome that. Brett also talked about finding your client's "pain points" - their most pressing needs - and working to relieve those before anything else. Finally, Brett recommended some good software for novice business owners and stressed how important it is to know and address the market you're selling to in your marketing.

We also talked about:

  • How automation can bring you closer to your business
  • The benefit of sending the right message to the right market
  • The importance of good market segmentation
  • Identifying your biggest challenge and selling its solution
  • Best practice for internal and external marketing

Many business owners may be ready to dismiss automation even before having tried it out of a fear that it will make their client communication forced and robotic. The reality is that automation can significantly increase the accuracy in your segmentation and help you know your market a lot better. After all, the secret to a good marketing strategy is having a customized approach to your customers rather than doing a big blanket sale of your product. Focus on your customers' needs and know how to broach them - that way your product will automatically become relevant for their needs. Automation can help make a great difference in the way you see and treat your market and, while it requires hard work and investment to get going, you will reap the results soon enough.

Guest Bio

Brett Farr is an expert in using Infusionsoft and a guru for all things automation. He's the founder of Blick Digital, an agency that guides service-based business owners on the path to Infusionsoft proficiency. Using automation, Blick Digital helps entrepreneurs get more of their time back and increase their business profit by relying on automation. Before Blick Digital, Brett has also worked directly with Infusionsoft to help implement best marketing practice. He's also the co-founder of Chitter Reviews, an automation service to help businesses get more reviews. Find out more about Brett's work with Blick Digital on blickdigital.com