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How to Build a Successful Business that Can Run Without Us w/ Jeff Cohn

November 30, 2018

Running a business that runs without us is a rewarding goal, but is not easy without the right steps. How do we scale a business and set ourselves free from the office “ball and chain”? How do we get more without actually having to give more of ourselves? How do we make ourselves unnecessary in our own businesses? On this episode, entrepreneur and founder of Elite Real Estate Systems, Jeff Cohn, shares the secrets to scaling our businesses while freeing up more of our time.



Look at every failure as an opportunity to win. You just have to keep failing forward. -Jeff Cohn



  • Own your success in advance. Having the right vision determines the results.

  • The level we invest in ourselves is connected directly to the growth of our business.

  • We often think no one else can do what we can do, but we should think about building a business where we’re not necessary.


At the beginning of the show, Jeff shared how he got started and how his journey to entrepreneurship began. Next we talked about the importance of starting with the right vision of yourself, and Jeff talked about what made him decide to leverage his business. He shared on the power of building a team of people we can pour into. Towards the end we went into some nuts and bolts about using business to set ourselves free.


We also discussed:

  • How to change your view of failure
  • How to have more without giving more of yourself
  • The importance of learning and implementing what successful people have done


Even with all the goals and aspirations in our lives, the reason people never make it to the next level is the ball and chain they’ve tied to themselves, and all the tasks they do that are unnecessary. We have to take ourselves out of the jobs and tasks that aren’t the most valuable use of our time, and we must metabolize failure into feedback to move us forward.  Building a business that runs without us requires a higher level of mindset, systems, technology, leadership, and business acumen. We have to become the people that can do that.


Guest Bio -

Jeff is Owner of Omaha's Elite Real Estate Group and founder of Elite Real Estate Systems. To find out more go to https://www.eliterealestatesystems.com for more information, for his podcast go to https://www.eliterealestatesystems.com/podcast/tag/podcast.