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How to Create a Work Routine that Leads to Success w/Candy Miles-Crocker

November 9, 2018

Success isn’t complicated, but it takes consistent work to achieve. This is where most people fail. How can we get more consistent with our daily routine? What kind of activities should our work routine include? And why does our mindset play such an important role in whether we’ll be consistent with our efforts or not? In this episode, Candy Miles-Crocker talks about the struggles of building a business and how to overcome them.


Nobody can motivate you to do anything. They can inspire you, but they can’t motivate you. That comes from within. -Candy Miles-Crocker



  • The first step towards success is putting ourselves on a schedule and making a list with all the activities that need to be done that day. This way, we know what we have to do on a daily basis.

  • Our mindset influences not only our self-esteem and energy levels, but also the type of actions we take.

  • The secret to success isn’t to find a way to always be in the mood of doing hard things. It’s doing hard things despite not wanting to do them.


At the beginning of the episode, we talked about why it’s important to have a daily work routine. Next, we talked about how our mindset influences our actions, and why we should stop waiting to be motivated— and do the work regardless of how motivated we are.

We also covered:

  • Why it’s important to know our “why” and the price we’re willing to pay for our success
  • How taking action can increase our motivation level
  • Why hard work is the secret that most successful people don’t like talking about


Successful people make success look easy, but it’s far from that. We’re not entitled to success, and nobody owes us anything. This is one of the lies we have to let go of if we want to take control of our destiny. If we want to build a business, we have to understand that consistent work isn’t the hard way; it’s the ONLY way to reach success. The foundation of success is the daily activities that contribute to reaching our goal


Guest Bio -

Candy Miles-Crocker is an active real estate agent and a real estate coach. She has over 17 years of experience in the industry and is the creator of Real-Life Real Estate Training.

You can find out more about her real estate training for free, by downloading her free book The Reality of Real Estate.