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How to Grow Your Business by 43% by Following a Few Simple Steps w/Coach Burt

June 28, 2018

What are the most important components each business should have, regardless of industry? Why is it important to know your numbers? How can you increase your chances of getting more clients? In this episode, Coach Burt shares the tactics he uses to help businesses grow their revenue to new heights.


When I’m coaching a small business owner, I’m looking at where they are deficient. Do they have the knowledge or skill they need? -Coach Burt



  • Most businesses are missing one or two fundamental structures. In most cases, it’s either knowledge, drive, or the confidence to go after what they want.

  • Once you figure out where you are deficient, you can start articulating your services better, making phone calls, and creating a follow-up system.

  • As a business owner, your job is to increase the probability of winning. You can’t be 100% sure of the outcome, but you probably already know how many phone calls it takes to get a client.


In the beginning, we talked about how a business needs to get a diagnostic before it begins fixing its deficiencies. Next, we talked about some universal principles that apply to all types of businesses: the importance of having a selling cycle in place, a clear explanation of the product or service, and a nurturing program.

We also covered:

  • How clearly defined time blocks can help your team become more productive
  • How to take control of the probability of making sales
  • Why a little bit of training every day is necessary

Most small businesses have a deficiency that prevents them from escaping survival mode. In most case, it involves not knowing how to articulate what they’re selling, failing to dedicate a few hours every day to marketing purposes, and not having a system in place that turns clients into evangelists. When you don’t know how to describe what you sell in a persuasive manner, you become a commodity. And when you don’t have a marketing machine put in place, finding and retaining clients is nothing more than a game of luck.


Guest Bio-

Coach Burt is the founder of Michael Burt Enterprises, where he coaches companies and individuals in highly commoditized and competitive markets to increase their revenue.

He is also a speaker and an author of four business books. You can find one of his books for free at https://www.coachburt.com/swag/