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How to Stop Being Good and Start Being Remarkable w/Erik Hatch

May 7, 2019


A lot of the time, we simply go through the motions of what’s expected of us in business, at home, or in our communities. How can you stop doing what’s merely ‘good’, and start being remarkable? What do you need to do to set yourself apart as a phenomenal entrepreneur, parent, spouse, or friend? On this episode, I talk with business coach, consultant, speaker and entrepreneur, Erik Hatch to answer these questions and more.



Figure out who you are going to be, and be exceptional. -Erik Hatch



  • Look at everything holistically. You can’t be one person at work and a different person at home. Market yourself for who YOU are, in your entirety.

  • Own up to your mistakes and share your failures with others. You can gain trust more easily by being transparent about your brokenness.

  • To be remarkable, you have to be intentional and consistent. Be sure of what you want to do, and keep doing it.

At the start of the episode, Erik shared why you need to know who you are, and market the best version of yourself to the world. He then mentioned why some people may need to take smaller steps before they feel comfortable enough to be fully transparent. Towards the end of the episode, Erik explained how you can become remarkable once you’ve set your goals.


We also discussed:

  • Why it’s vital to have a measurable timeline and a strategy with numbers associated
  • The importance of building one-on-one relationships with people
  • Why you should share your vulnerabilities on social media


The importance of personal relationships is immeasurable to your business. However, remember never to treat one area of your life in isolation from the rest. Your life in business can never be detached from your life at home. Take a holistic approach, and be intentional and consistent.


Guest Bio -

Erik Hatch is a Realtor, business coach, consultant, speaker and entrepreneur. With a passion for building relationships, Erik believes that the only way to become remarkable is by going the extra mile when people are in need. Erik is also adamant that failure is a part of everyone’s story, and that we should own our downfalls as much as we celebrate our successes.


To find out more about Erik, head to: www.hatchcoaching.com