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LinkedIn Marketing Secrets w/Jason Bay

December 14, 2017

Most entrepreneurs aren’t good at targeting a specific market. Why is the “spray and pray” method such a bad and costly business move? Why is it so powerful to build strategic partnerships and relationships? How can LinkedIn help you expand your referral pool? On this episode, Jason Bay is here to share some powerful marketing skills to expand your reach on LinkedIn.

The goal on LinkedIn is to amass a following of people who connect with you and see what you have to post. -Jason Bay


  • Your LinkedIn profile headline should explain the benefit of your service.
  • When you do outreach of any kind, treat the person like they are human. Think of how you would like to be approached.
  • Find a valuable way to start the conversation: learn what that person’s problem might be and offer valuable content or information.
  • Every business should have go-to referral in every category.

At the start of the show, Jason shared a bit of his backstory and the marketing lessons he learned very early in his career. Next, we talked about the importance of knowing exactly who you’re trying to reach out to for business. Towards the end of the show, we talked about the value of following up with your prospects.

We also discussed:

  • Why LinkedIn is such a powerful marketing tool
  • The power of strategic partnerships
  • The “do’s” and “don’ts” of your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is a powerful tool because it has so much data on the people you want to reach out to, and it allows you to learn more about them and their needs. For your marketing to really get you the highest return, you have to be clear on who wants your service before you even reach out. Once you’ve found your ideal prospect profile, figure out where you can find those people online and reach out to them with value, something that can improve their lives or their business. There are all kinds of upsides when you start executing!

Guest Bio
Jason has helped dozens of small business owners build a stellar online presence, and create sustainable revenue growth in their business. Go to http://jasonbay.com/ for more information or http://jasonbay.com/subscribe to subscribe to his Small Business Ninja newsletter.

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