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Ninja Marketing Tactics: How to Get More Out of Your Budget & Increase ROI w/Tom Cafarella

June 9, 2017

People are getting bombarded with millions of marketing messages every day. How do you make sure your marketing is reaching your target market, and actually getting noticed by them? What are the marketing tactics local business owners can use to increase their ROI? On this episode, Tom Cafarella joins us to discuss how he became a lead generation master and his top strategies.

Have your audience defined from day one or you’ll be throwing money out of the window. - Tom Cafarella


  • Mailing allows you to specifically target the exact person you’re sending to.
  • Know how to communicate to different needs: someone who is behind on their mortgage has different problems from a person with a lot of equity in their property.
  • The biggest mistake people make is inconsistent marketing. 

At the start of the show, Tom shared how he got started and how he came up during the crash. Next, we talked about marketing tactics for the local business owner, and why you have to try different methods and test out what’s working. We discussed how to stand out in a world full of marketing messages, and towards the end of the show, we talked about the power of Facebook groups.

Tom also spoke about;

  • Why you need build an avatar of who you’re selling to
  • Why Facebook is so great for marketing
  • His top lead generation strategies
  • Why you should never drop your marketing budget

The biggest mistake people make with marketing is dropping it and picking it up at will. They focus on marketing till they get the work, and when they finish the work they have to start marketing again. To avoid this, never drop your marketing budget and take it further by squeezing more from the budget. Find your target market, define who it is specifically, and speak to them specifically.

Guest Bio
Tom is the Owner/Broker of Cameron Real Estate Group. He also an Investor, trainer, residential team leader and seller lead gen expert. "Cameron Real Estate Group was founded in 2004, and began working with homeowners facing mortgage related issues in 2007 when the Boston real estate market began it''s decline. Since 2007 the team has helped nearly one thousand Bay State homeowners. Go to realestateinvestingiseasy.com for more information.