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Reputation Is Everything: How To Attract Local Clients Through Client Experience & Online Reviews w/Michael Fleischner

November 8, 2016

Are you treating all your clients equally? Speaker, entrepreneur and local marketing expert Michael Fleischner joins us to share why your reputation is everything and how to build that reputation through amazing client experience, key referral relationships and online reviews.

The one thing that makes the difference between Champ and Chump is reputation. And reputation is really formed around the customer experience. -Michael Fleischner




  1. Reputation is all about the client experience - and the client experience leads to online reviews that attract more clients.
  2. Use a Net Promoter Score survey to judge the strength of your reputation.
  3. Don’t treat all your clients equally - spend more time on the connectors and influencers.

The key part of this interview is the framework Michael shared for growing a local business: Focus on your best clients, give them an amazing client experience, follow up to build relationships, gather online reviews and actively show your appreciation. Listen to the full interview and take notes on how you can implement these ideas and start attracting more local clients FAST!


Guest Bio

Michael Fleischner is an entrepreneur, author, marketing strategist, and speaker with 15+ years of real-world experience. Founder/CEO of Big Fin Solutions, a an online reputation management company among other business ventures. His top-selling search engine optimization guide, SEO Made Simple, sold more than ten thousand copies in its first year. He is also the author of Local Marketing Made Simple.


He has appeared on the TODAY Show, ABC World News, USA Today, Bloomberg Radio, and other major media. Michael offers advice and management across marketing disciplines including search engine optimization, pay-per-click marketing, marketing automation, online reputation, social media, and general marketing practices. Connect with Michael at http://www.bigfinsolutions.com/.

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