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Research Meets Marketing: How to Build an Exceptional Relationship Business w/Dr. Jeffrey Langmaid

November 30, 2017

Every passionate marketer and business owner wants to shout from the rooftop how great their product is, but there’s nothing more repelling to prospects. Why is it so important to lead with learning about your prospect, not selling your product? How do you translate your knowledge of your product into what matters to your audience? How do you use marketing and research to make yourself the most logical choice for your prospect? On this episode, the evidence-based chiropractor, Jeffrey Langmaid, is here to share powerful insights on building a successful service-oriented business.

When you can talk about the things that matter to your prospect and your client, it starts to bridge the gap and build the relationship so you don’t have to be selling 24/7. -Dr. Jeffrey Langmaid


  • Have a relentless focus on the other individual, not yourself.
  • When you know your business exceptionally well, you ask better questions.
  • If you are paying more 3 to 5 cents per video view, you might have to take a better look at your targeting.

At the start of the show, Jeffrey shared how he got started and why it’s so important to have command knowledge about your product or service. Next, we talked about how to target your prospect with education that attracts them, and why it’s so necessary to ask the right questions. Jeffrey shared on why it’s a mistake to talk about yourself all the time, and towards the end of the show we shared how to use the Facebook Pixel to track your conversions.

Jeffrey also shared on:

  • The power of leveraging your unique value-add
  • How to have relentless focus on the other person
  • Why you need to be doing Facebook video ads right now

In the relationship business, nothing turns people off like someone talking only about themselves and their business. What actually works is learning about the prospect by asking questions and simply finding where you can value-add. When you have focus and sincere consideration for another person, it shows that you actually care. Provide information that naturally inspires them to want what you’re offering. By using your exceptional knowledge, you can ask the right questions, and this will lead to more partnerships and business. The right approach means people aren’t going to leave with a bad taste in their mouth.

Guest Bio
Jeffrey is the founder of The Evidence Based Chiropractor, a leading speaker, writer, and thought-leader regarding interdisciplinary communication and marketing. To get in touch with him go to http://theevidencebasedchiropractor.com/.