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Success with Search: How to Create a Winning Local Business SEO Strategy w/Alex Genadinik

February 22, 2018

Most local businesses are services that consumers only look for when the need arises. What kind of strategy does this type of lead require? What are the different Google search listings and how do you optimize your online presence for them? Why are review sites so necessary to your SEO success? On this episode, we are joined by SEO expert Alex Genadinik for high level tips and tactics to make your business more searchable.

It’s a much better lead when someone finds you when the timing is right and when they are searching. - Alex Genadinik 



  • Common mistakes: 1. Focusing on Facebook when you should be doing search. 2. Hiring bad general freelancers.
  • It’s not enough to be on Yelp and YellowPages. You need to be #1, or close to it.
  • You must have a system that seamlessly and consistently gets you reviews.


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At the start of the show, we talked about the two biggest mistakes people make when it comes to their online strategies. Next, we talked about when and how you should be capturing leads, as well as the rise of voice search and how to optimize for it. Towards the end of the show, we talked about how to hack your Google business listing to be more searchable.

We also discussed:

  • How to engineer your local search results
  • The different types of Google search listings
  • The different types of voice searches  

It can be difficult to talk with people about what your business can provide if they don’t have an immediate need for it. It’s better to capture them when they’re actually looking because they’ll be a much higher quality lead. Google search listings include Adwords, map listings, review sites and your actual website. If you can optimize all of these, you will outcompete your competitors.

Guest Bio 

Alex is a marketing expert, author and coach who helps entrepreneurs plan, start, and grow their businesses through apps, books, courses, and 1-on-1 coaching. Go to problemio.com or email alex.genadinik@gmail.com for more on his coaching and courses.

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