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The Convergence of Computing: How to Be More Review-Worthy & Proactive with Good Reviews w/Dr. Jason McDonald

March 15, 2018

Many local businesses tend to only get negative spontaneous reviews even though they have many fans. How does human psychology influence this and how can you solve it? How has SEO changed over the last few years? What are some of the key things business owners miss when it comes to getting reviews? On this episode, SEO expert and educator Dr. Jason McDonald talks about how to improve your reviews and search engine ranking.

You have to do something proactive to bring those people that like you to the surface. -Jason McDonald



  • Reviews are important-- they help you with social, but they also help you rank on search.
  • All search engines and social platforms are getting better at filtering out spam, manipulation, and fake news.
  • A lot of the services that we consume don’t get spontaneous positive reviews, so you have to proactively find them.
  • Happy campers write reviews.


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At the start of the show Jason shared how he got started in the very early days of the internet. Next, we talked about changes in SEO and how the human factor is becoming more important. Jason also spoke about how search engines and social media sites are becoming smarter at identifying manipulation and fake news.

We also discussed:

  • How to get authentic positive reviews
  • How to deal with the irrationality of human behavior
  • The importance of consistency and persistence

As search engines continue to create the best user experience and work to deliver relevant search results, the human component is going to become more central. That means things like reviews are more important than ever in how well your business ranks. For many service providers it seems that only negative reviews pop up spontaneously, so the only way to counter this is to be proactive about getting reviews from your fans because they won’t think to do it on their own. Psychology is a mission critical piece in the whole equation so you don’t give up. Keep pushing forward and being persistent about reaching out for reviews. It will pay off.


Guest Bio 

Dr. Jason McDonald is founder and Senior SEO / Social Media Director of the JM Internet Group. He comes to the Group from eg3.com, where he has been Senior Editor in charge of content since 1994. He also teaches in the San Francisco Bay Area at AcademyX, DeVry, and Stanford University (Continuing Studies). Go to https://www.jasonmcdonald.org for more info.