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Think Like a Fighter Pilot: How to Use Social Media in Your Local Domination Strategy

December 1, 2016

When it comes to local domination, social media plays a critical role in helping you stand out and become the logical choice for prospective clients. On our latest episode, social media expert and coach Jess Bahr shares how to develop the right mindset and tactics to dominate your market on social media.


Think like a fighter pilot. If you’re flying a plane you’re focusing on what’s directly in front of you. Think about the one thing you need to do to get from point A to B. -Jess Bahr

On this episode we discussed:

  • The fighter pilot mindset you need to be successful at marketing
  • A marketing strategy a local domination focused agent can employ
  • How to reach out to people in an unexpected but welcome manner
  • Bringing in help
  • The importance of tracking numbers and measuring results

Takeaways + Tactics

  1. Set up systems so you can track the value of your online activity, you won’t know if things are improving if you’re not measuring them.
  2. Don’t spend your energy on multiple things. Employ the power of focus like a fighter pilot.
  3. If you do something regularly, write it down so it becomes a system that you can ultimately automate 

Jess also shared a killer tip on how to use social media proactively to reach potential clients! 

All businesses start as small businesses. What makes them grow are systems, personnel, and the technology that makes automation possible. To achieve local domination, you have to have fighter pilot focus, have proactive outreach built into your social media, and the ability to measure and track what you’re doing. If you want scalable wealth you have to start working on the business.

Guest Bio

Jess splits her her time between training, developing strategies, and executing paid campaigns on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter for some of the world’s largest publishers, media companies, startups, and entrepreneurs. On her own time, she writes content for a handful of social media and digital marketing sites, speak at events around the country (e.g., Social Media Week, Social Media Breakfast, Social Media Bootcamp), advising budding startups and NGOs on their digital strategies. Go to JessBahr.com for more information.

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