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How to Turn Work into a Fruitful, Meaningful Career Path & Build a Great Company Culture w/ Josh Cunningham

It’s important to find meaning in the work that we do, and having a clear purpose positively affects our team, our business, and ourselves. How does a meaningful work contribute to a great company culture? What are the benefits of investing in the well-being of our employees? How does this impact our turnover rates and the image of our business? In this episode, Josh Cunningham shares how he turned his company culture around and brought purpose to this team.



Everybody loves a pat on their back no matter how old, young, or successful they are. -Josh Cunningham



  • Entrepreneurship is all about solving a problem. On a more complex level, it involves making that work meaningful for your employees.

  • When we involve our team in the decision-making process, they become more attached to our company because they leave their footprints on it. As a result, our turnover rates are lower.

  • Daily meetings are a perfect opportunity for recognizing top performers, allowing employees to get to know each other better, celebrating achievements, and discussing lessons learned.


Even a 10-minute meeting can make a difference in how your team members feel about their workplace. The secret is to make those 10 minutes count by encouraging interaction. One of the best ways to do so is focusing on recognition. Ask each employee one by one who did a good job that day and why. Everyone likes a pat on the back, especially if it’s an unscripted compliment from their co-worker.


Guest Bio -

Josh Cunningham is the CEO of rokrbox, a lead-follow up company with trained ISA’s that nurture real estate leads 7 days per week, 80 hours per day. Josh prides himself on his instant follow-up (under 5 minutes) as well as the persistence and consistency of his ISA’s.

If you want to find out more about his service, you can contact Josh directly at josh@rokrbox.com

How to Transform Your Social Media Accounts into Lead Machines w/Ryan Stewman

Social media is a great way to reach a large audience and generate leads with less effort-- yet so many people fail at it or neglect it. What makes the difference between merely sharing your status updates on social media and actually establishing yourself as the GO-TO expert to a growing following of your ideal prospects? What kind of content makes the difference between getting a few likes and getting REAL clients? In this episode Ryan Stewman, a social media guru and bestselling author, talks about what kind of content works like a lead machine.


You can’t “feel” your way into taking action. You have to act your way into taking action. -Ryan Stewman


  • Sharing our success on social media will eventually generate leads. Who wouldn’t like to work with someone who has a proven track of success?
  • One of the biggest mistakes people make is to think themselves out of a bad situation. We have to take action even when it doesn’t feel good or comfortable to do so.
  • Becoming an action-taker doesn’t have to happen overnight. It happens daily with small steps that help work towards an improved version of ourselves. We won’t like our new schedule in the beginning, but the results are worth in the end.


In the beginning of the episode, we talked about how social media can work like a lead magnet by finding the right way to share our wins.

We also covered:

  • How to find out what’s in the mind of the prospect
  • What kind of wins should be shared and what is relevant for the prospect
  • Why the “force of the average” will try to drag you back to the comfort zone-- and how to fight it


Many people think seem to think that if they act like celebrities and only brag about their accomplishments that people will respect them and want to do business with them. While we might get a few likes, the people who we want to target don’t care all that much about our personal life. They care about what we can do for them. Each time we post something on social media, we have to ask ourselves, “How does this come off as relevant and interesting to the people I’m targeting?”


Guest Bio -

Ryan Stewman, also known as the Hard Closer, is a social media guru with a background in the mortgage industry. He closed over 181 loans in 2009, when the market crashed, but he was forced out of the industry due to legislation changes that prevented him to renew his licence. He then turned to social media, where he gained a huge following and soon started to teach others how to grow their businesses using social media as well. Since then, he has been published in Forbes, Huffington Post, and Entrepreneur, and has been a 6-time bestselling author.

The Principles of Dominating Local Search w/Justin Morgan

Local search can be the difference between you being the only logical choice or being ignored, or even worse, being kept in the darkness of obscurity. What can you do to be found by the right clients, at the right time (when they're actually searching for your product or service)? What are the differences between PPC and SEO, and how can you use these tools profitably? What factors help you become dominant in your local area? On this episode, we are joined by the Dental Marketing Guy, Justin Morgan, who shares insights on optimizing reputation and presence when people are searching online for what you have to offer.​



When you offer value and really good content, Google recognizes that. -Justin Morgan


  • When you advertise on Facebook you have to disrupt people, but when you do SEO, people are already searching.

  • Adwords advantages: more control, ability to ratchet it up with your data 

  • Your reviews can very often determine if you’re going to be at the top of the results.


At the start of the show, Justin Morgan shared how he got started and why he specialized in marketing for dentists. We talked about the keywords and phrase formats that show buyer intent, and the importance of determining what your ROI will be on the backend. We also talked about how reviews and photos play into search rankings. Towards the end, Justin shared some of the more technical details that affect your search ranking.

We also discussed:

  • How to get more granular and perfectly geometric accurate data
  • SEO vs. Adwords
  • The advantages of having a good SEO ranking

If you want to really dominate your space, you have to have an arsenal of well-sharpened tactics. If you want to build a solid recession-proof business that thrives in and out of season, you need to have multiple engines to feed your business with quality clientele. SEO and PPC are two powerful strategies that can completely change how many people come to your site and buy your service. Keywords are important, but so are things like reviews, pictures and details like H3 tags, links and website usability. These things will do a lot of selling for you, so it’s critical that you optimize them.


Guest Bio -

Justin is a marketing consultant. He is the founder of Dental Marketing Guy. Go to https://dentalmarketingguy.com/ for more information.

To check out his process for determining the ROI of SEO, go to https://dentalmarketingguy.com/velscoping-keywords-seo/.

How to Grow Your Business by 43% by Following a Few Simple Steps w/Coach Burt

What are the most important components each business should have, regardless of industry? Why is it important to know your numbers? How can you increase your chances of getting more clients? In this episode, Coach Burt shares the tactics he uses to help businesses grow their revenue to new heights.


When I’m coaching a small business owner, I’m looking at where they are deficient. Do they have the knowledge or skill they need? -Coach Burt



  • Most businesses are missing one or two fundamental structures. In most cases, it’s either knowledge, drive, or the confidence to go after what they want.

  • Once you figure out where you are deficient, you can start articulating your services better, making phone calls, and creating a follow-up system.

  • As a business owner, your job is to increase the probability of winning. You can’t be 100% sure of the outcome, but you probably already know how many phone calls it takes to get a client.


In the beginning, we talked about how a business needs to get a diagnostic before it begins fixing its deficiencies. Next, we talked about some universal principles that apply to all types of businesses: the importance of having a selling cycle in place, a clear explanation of the product or service, and a nurturing program.

We also covered:

  • How clearly defined time blocks can help your team become more productive
  • How to take control of the probability of making sales
  • Why a little bit of training every day is necessary

Most small businesses have a deficiency that prevents them from escaping survival mode. In most case, it involves not knowing how to articulate what they’re selling, failing to dedicate a few hours every day to marketing purposes, and not having a system in place that turns clients into evangelists. When you don’t know how to describe what you sell in a persuasive manner, you become a commodity. And when you don’t have a marketing machine put in place, finding and retaining clients is nothing more than a game of luck.


Guest Bio-

Coach Burt is the founder of Michael Burt Enterprises, where he coaches companies and individuals in highly commoditized and competitive markets to increase their revenue.

He is also a speaker and an author of four business books. You can find one of his books for free at https://www.coachburt.com/swag/

What Every Salesperson Needs to Know About Success, Growth and Confidence w/Jon Dwoskin & Scott Fishman

A lot of people in sales are struggling to close the gap between where they are and where they want to be. What are some of the biggest myths and misconceptions getting in their way? How do you learn to ask the right questions and transition without awkwardness? Why is a growth mindset so important in this business? On this episode, sales veterans and podcast co-hosts, Jon Dwoskin and Scott Fishman give us insights into winning in sales.


The more specific and measurable you can be in your plan and how you attack your business, the more you accelerate your growth. -Jon Dwoskin



  • A key to sales and retention is under-promising and over-delivering.

  • Telling is not necessarily selling.

  • The best questions come from what was just said and layering one thought on top of the other, keeping it fluid.

  • If you don’t have a growth mindset, you’re going to hit the ceiling very quickly.


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At the start of the show, both guests gave us a background on how they got into sales, and how they got to where they are now. Next, we talked about some of the most counter-productive things people in sales do and how to fix them. We also discussed the importance of having a growth mindset, and building positive rituals into your day.

We also discussed:

  • The importance of listening to your prospect
  • Why a coach is so necessary
  • The importance of being specific and measurable in all your plans

As a salesperson, it’s crucial that you commit to the growth of your sales skills. That starts with not only prepping, studying, and roleplaying on a daily basis, but also treating your business like a business. Commit to tracking your metrics and course correcting when things go wrong, and get a coach to help you clear the mental clutter and work towards your calling. You have to take your mindset and your own self-leadership to the next level, and build positive habits into your daily life. Bookend your days with rituals that make you productive, and learn to be specific and measurable in all the plans that you make.


Guest Bio -

Jon Dwoskin & Scott Fishman are sales experts and co-hosts of The 7-Minute Sales Minute Podcast. Go to https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-seven-minute-sales-minute/id1044003251?mt=2 to get episodes of the show.

How to Go From Getting Quick Sales to Building Customer Evangelists for Life w/Wes Schaeffer

Most salespeople are all about instant gratification to make a quick sale or convincing someone to buy a product or service that gives them a bigger commission. Isn’t this a kind of “sales malpractice”-- to sell something your customer doesn't need or can’t afford? Is a quick sale worth a stained reputation? How can you sell in a way that better serves the customer and transforms them into an evangelist for your business? In this episode, Wes Schaeffer shares a different path to reaching success in sales.


Do what successful entrepreneurs do, and you will become one.

-Wes Schaeffer



  • The biggest mistake made by new people in sales is to attend workshops, take notes, and daydream of success instead of going out there and putting everything they learned to the test.

  • In order to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to do what a successful entrepreneur does. This applies to any career path.

  • Selling is a calling for those who use the doctor-patient framework. You don’t just sell the most expensive product or service. You sell what your prospects need and what they can afford.


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In this episode, we covered the predictability of human nature and how hard it is for some salespeople to make the switch from the quick sale to actually listening to the needs of their prospects. We also covered how asking questions puts you in the control of the situation, and learning not to criticize the situation your prospect is in.

We also discussed:

  • How to practicing active listening and diagnosing the problem
  • The power of downselling if it’s in the interest of your prospects
  • Why you should never wing it and always know what you are going to say next

Whoever asks the questions is in the control of the conversation. Don’t try to sell anything before knowing what the problem is. Criticizing or pointing out obvious mistakes your prospects are making only annoys them. Let them speak about why they came to you. Let them criticize their own situation. Look at being a salesperson as like a doctor. After you hear the symptoms, you give a diagnosis. You don’t try to sell the patient on the meds,  because they already know what happens if they ignore their issue.


Guest Bio -

Wes Schaeffer is the CEO of the Sales Whisperer, author, speaker, and a Hubspot partner. But most of all, he’s known for his expertise in CRMs and wild success in sales. He also shares his knowledge and expertise in sales at http://www.thesaleswhisperer.com/

Books written by Wes:

It Takes More Than a Big Smile, a Good Idea & a Twitter Account To Build a Business That Lasts: 79 Stories On Selling With Integrity, Automating Your Marketing & Living Abundantly

The Definitive Guide To Infusionsoft: How Mere Mortals Increase Traffic, Leads, Prospects, Sales, Testimonials, E-Commerce & Referrals With the ... & Marketing Automation Software (Volume 1)


The Convergence of Computing: How to Be More Review-Worthy & Proactive with Good Reviews w/Dr. Jason McDonald

Many local businesses tend to only get negative spontaneous reviews even though they have many fans. How does human psychology influence this and how can you solve it? How has SEO changed over the last few years? What are some of the key things business owners miss when it comes to getting reviews? On this episode, SEO expert and educator Dr. Jason McDonald talks about how to improve your reviews and search engine ranking.

You have to do something proactive to bring those people that like you to the surface. -Jason McDonald



  • Reviews are important-- they help you with social, but they also help you rank on search.
  • All search engines and social platforms are getting better at filtering out spam, manipulation, and fake news.
  • A lot of the services that we consume don’t get spontaneous positive reviews, so you have to proactively find them.
  • Happy campers write reviews.


Resource + Links

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At the start of the show Jason shared how he got started in the very early days of the internet. Next, we talked about changes in SEO and how the human factor is becoming more important. Jason also spoke about how search engines and social media sites are becoming smarter at identifying manipulation and fake news.

We also discussed:

  • How to get authentic positive reviews
  • How to deal with the irrationality of human behavior
  • The importance of consistency and persistence

As search engines continue to create the best user experience and work to deliver relevant search results, the human component is going to become more central. That means things like reviews are more important than ever in how well your business ranks. For many service providers it seems that only negative reviews pop up spontaneously, so the only way to counter this is to be proactive about getting reviews from your fans because they won’t think to do it on their own. Psychology is a mission critical piece in the whole equation so you don’t give up. Keep pushing forward and being persistent about reaching out for reviews. It will pay off.


Guest Bio 

Dr. Jason McDonald is founder and Senior SEO / Social Media Director of the JM Internet Group. He comes to the Group from eg3.com, where he has been Senior Editor in charge of content since 1994. He also teaches in the San Francisco Bay Area at AcademyX, DeVry, and Stanford University (Continuing Studies). Go to https://www.jasonmcdonald.org for more info.


Success with Search: How to Create a Winning Local Business SEO Strategy w/Alex Genadinik

Most local businesses are services that consumers only look for when the need arises. What kind of strategy does this type of lead require? What are the different Google search listings and how do you optimize your online presence for them? Why are review sites so necessary to your SEO success? On this episode, we are joined by SEO expert Alex Genadinik for high level tips and tactics to make your business more searchable.

It’s a much better lead when someone finds you when the timing is right and when they are searching. - Alex Genadinik 



  • Common mistakes: 1. Focusing on Facebook when you should be doing search. 2. Hiring bad general freelancers.
  • It’s not enough to be on Yelp and YellowPages. You need to be #1, or close to it.
  • You must have a system that seamlessly and consistently gets you reviews.


Resource + Links

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At the start of the show, we talked about the two biggest mistakes people make when it comes to their online strategies. Next, we talked about when and how you should be capturing leads, as well as the rise of voice search and how to optimize for it. Towards the end of the show, we talked about how to hack your Google business listing to be more searchable.

We also discussed:

  • How to engineer your local search results
  • The different types of Google search listings
  • The different types of voice searches  

It can be difficult to talk with people about what your business can provide if they don’t have an immediate need for it. It’s better to capture them when they’re actually looking because they’ll be a much higher quality lead. Google search listings include Adwords, map listings, review sites and your actual website. If you can optimize all of these, you will outcompete your competitors.

Guest Bio 

Alex is a marketing expert, author and coach who helps entrepreneurs plan, start, and grow their businesses through apps, books, courses, and 1-on-1 coaching. Go to problemio.com or email alex.genadinik@gmail.com for more on his coaching and courses.

Check out these resources from Alex!:

Udemy course discounts: http://www.problemio.com/courses.html

Community Involvement Marketing w/Tony Booth

Community involvement marketing is often overlooked because people think it’s old school. Why is now the best time to bring it back? What are some community initiatives that a small business can do right away? How do you get involved without breaking the bank with sponsorship? On this episode, we are joined by contracting expert Tony Booth who shares pearls of profit-producing wisdom for helping your community while you help your business.

Why not dig in and help the community in a way that actually impacts your audience and target market? - Tony Booth


  • Community involvement is not a stand-alone strategy; you have to put it in with the rest of your marketing.
  • Know who your target audience is, so you can create an initiative that caters to them.
  • As a small business, you can’t afford to just throw sponsorship dollars at everything. Consider how you can trade goods and services.   

At the start of the show, Tony shared on how community marketing can be better than spending money on ads. Next, he explained how this strategy doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time. We broke down how to collaborate with other businesses and how to get started with community marketing now.

We also discussed:

  • The importance of knowing what events your target market attends
  • How community involvement can generate free publicity
  • The most common and costly pitfalls of community initiative marketing

Marketing for local domination is all about building awareness and getting name recognition in your community. Through community involvement, you can effectively build awareness and give back to the same community that supports your business in the first place. It’s a powerful addition to your existing marketing, and an opportunity to collaborate with complementary businesses.

As a start, don’t try to do your own event right off the bat. Check local community boards, and see what events are happening. Approach the organizers, and tell them you want to donate your time and resources. Remember: it’s all about building that relationship and trust, and adopting strategies that can drive your customer back to you in the future.  

Guest Bio

Tony Booth is a business coach, writer, and podcaster who works with small business contractors to help them grow and improve their businesses. Tony helps his clients through education, encouragement and access to resources. For more info, go to contractingcoach.com, facebook.com/contractingcoach or follow @AnthonyBooth on Twitter.

Marketing Automation Mastermind w/Greg Harrelson


Many people fail to grow their business because they don’t have leverage and automated business systems. What strategic structures should you put in place to build a sustainable and scalable business? How do you create systems that help you create revenue by working smarter, not harder? How can you put your marketing on autopilot? On this episode, we do a crossover with Level Up podcast host, Greg Harrelson to answer these questions.


We take strangers, make them acquaintances, and turn them into advocates. - Greg Harrelson

Takeaways + Tactics

  • When thinking about referral partners, consider: Who has the highest capacity to send you the most leads most often? Who is working with your ideal clients before they start working with you?
  • Always carve out time to work on your business, not just in it.
  • The contacts in your phone are a database already.

At the start of the show, we talked about the 3 buckets of business success, and the importance of remembering that you’re in the marketing game. Next, we talked about finding referral partners and how to build a database if you don’t have one. Towards the end, we talked about how to focus less on putting out fires and more on creating a long-term vision.

We also discussed:

  • Strategic objectives every business owner should have
  • Working “on” your business vs. working “in” your business
  • How to mine leads from your social circle

The Holy Grail of any business is having structures, systems and follow up sequences in place to nurture people and generate inbound calls. You have to be able to attract a lead, convert it, and capture repeat and referral business. It all comes down to ascending the level of trust with that person through marketing. 

Guest Bio-

Greg Harrelson has been in the real estate industry in Myrtle Beach for more than 17 years, and is in the top 1% of Realtors nationwide. He has trained under the top coaching organizations for as many years, and now uses his knowledge to teach his own agents at Century 21 The Harrelson Group. Go to http://www.c21theharrelsongroup.com/ for more information, or email gregharrelson@gmail.com