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How to Develop a Hard Hitting USP w/Michael Hellickson


A sales or service professional who is fully comfortable with what they bring to the table should be able to back it up. How do you develop your Unique Selling Proposition? What is the role of a great USP and how does it make your marketing easier and more effective? On this episode, real estate coach and former nationwide #1 real estate agent Michael Hellickson shares his expertise on these questions and how to get breakthrough results.

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  • A risk reversal guarantee is absolutely the best USP.

  • Your attire should strengthen your message, not weaken it.

  • If a sales professional can focus 90% of their day on lead gen, lead conversion and lead follow up, everything else will work itself out.


At the start of the show, Michael shared on how he got to where he is today, and we talked about why he invested in a coach. Next we discussed the secrets of the world class and why it’s important to start telling your subconscious mind a new story. We also talked about the importance of a USP and how so many agents are finding success with the risk reversal guarantee. Towards the end of the show, we talked about the importance of aligning your environment to your success.

Michael also shared insights on;

  • The three things sales professionals should spend 90% of their time on
  • His perfect day schedule
  • Not neglecting family time
  • The power of dressing the part


If you're in sales, you are in the lead gen business, if you run out of leads you have no one to serve. So the work that requires your focus is lead generation, conversion and follow up. If you want to change your outcome, change what’s inside your head by exposing yourself to positive influences. Develop great habits, have your head where it needs to be, and focus on your own production. A powerful USP shows that you are confident about what you can do, so put some real thought into creating one.

CEO Michael Hellickson's Club Wealth® Coaching and Consulting, an Executive Business Consulting Firm that offers coaching and training to business owners worldwide. In select scenarios, Michael also invests in and partners with profitable companies looking to take their business to the next level. Michael has been a leader in the real estate industry, where he built a multi-million dollar business as a real estate agent, eventually becoming the Nations #1 real estate agent. During his career, Hellickson has spoken to and coached thousands of students and organizations nationwide. Go to clubwealth.com for more information.

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The Power of Building From the Success Up w/Pat Hiban


The act of thinking like a champion has to be built. How do you apply this to your goals and the marketing you do for your business? How do affirmations help you believe in your possibilities? How do you leverage your successes and dance in your strengths? On this episode, Pat Hiban shares on marketing strategies that work, and the assets you should be leveraging for success.


  • The business rises and falls with your mouth and your actions.
  • Everybody you meet needs to know the business you’re in, it’s the cheapest form of marketing.
  • Look at your goals everyday, so you start believing you’re worthy of said goals

At the start of the show, Pat shared on his story, and the role mindset plays in his success. We also talked about how to think like a champion, and why changing your circumstances starts with changing yourself. Next, we discussed the power of looking at your goals everyday, and the use of affirmations. Towards the end of the show, we talked about the ways people leave money on the table in business.

Pat also shared on:

  • The power of dancing in your strengths
  • The one thing people get wrong about marketing their business
  • The assets you should be leveraging
  • The power of using Facebook marketing
  • Why you need to get advice from the right people 

The success of your business hinges on what you say about it and what you do. It’s important to dance in your superpowers and leverage your successes. The first thing you should be doing is fully being the marketing, and being the person that won’t shut up about your business. It’s also important to avoid getting advice from the wrong people. Ask the people with a proven track record in your arena, so you’re on the path to success. If you want to change your circumstance, you have to change yourself first.

Pat Hiban is an Author, Speaker,Podcast Host and Co-founder of GoBundance. Pat Hiban Interviews Real Estate Rockstars is a top-ranked, 3-day a week real estate podcast, hosted by billion dollar agent Pat Hiban, interviewing the best of the best in and around the real estate industry. After building a team of over 50 members and making millions in the real estate sales world, Pat realized he had spent over two decades being led by mentors while growing very few mentees. It was at this point that he wrote his New York Times Best Selling Book -“6 Steps to 7 Figures, A Real Estate Professional’s Guide Building Wealth and Creating your Destiny.” Not too long after , Pat Hiban Interviews Real Estate Rockstars was born. Here you’ll find the best voices in the Real Estate Industry including everyone from the world’s top agents to the world’s newest top producing rookies. You’ll hear from the industries top coaches and the one’s who have made millions and even billions investing in the Real Estate game. Go to http://hibandigital.com/about/ http://www.gobundance.com/.

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The Fab 5 of Local Marketing w/Matt Johnson


The marketing funnel keeps getting longer, so we need to provide more value. How do we make sure we’re giving value every step of the way? How does Facebook make this easier? How do we increase the reach of the marketing content we put out? On this episode of The Local Domination podcast, Matt Johnson joins us for a mastermind about the 5 most effective local marketing strategies.

People cannot tell how technically good we are at what we do, they review us based on the quality of the experience we gave them. -Matt Johnson


  1. Polls are self-congregating devices that give you an idea of who is interested in your content and who you can send your marketing to.
  2. Always craft mobile and desktop Facebook content differently.
  3. Cast a wider net by marketing to the lukewarm people, not just the people who need your service right now.

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At the start of the show, we talked about using boosted Facebook videos to track the people who engage with your content, so you can remarket to them. Next, we talked about mastering the lengthening of the marketing funnel and how to use Facebook to make that easier. We also talked about the importance of having really good ad graphics, how to use chat bots, and the advantages of joint ventures, Towards the end of the show, we talked about what truly motivates clients to hire service professionals.

Matt also shared insights on;

  • The importance of “easy yes propositions”
  • How to strategically use Facebook groups
  • How to tap into someone’s network
  • Why you need to be the orchestrator not the technician

When it comes to marketing, instant gratification is only going to work for people who need your service right now. If you don’t cast a wider net to the more lukewarm and cold people, you are missing the opportunity to create long-term business. Reach out to the world at large, and then start drawing them in a little closer one step at a time, providing value at each level. Give them the cheese by avoiding making an ask too soon in the process. Remember people hire you because of the service you provide, so perfect that experience for them. Make sure it’s systematic, highly professional, conveys your unique value prop and ultimately, makes you look good.

Guest Bio

Matt Johnson is the founder of Pursuing Results, a podcast PR firm that provides production and guest booking services. Matt is also a partner in Elite Real Estate Systems, which consults with agents around the country to build dominant real estate teams. Connect with Matt on LinkedIn.

Elite Level Performance: How to Lead Yourself So You Can Lead Your Clients Effectively w/Kathleen Black


Our business reflects who we are. How can discipline in your thoughts and routines influence your actions? How do you improve conversion and teach Inside Sales Agents to maximize every lead? On this episode of the Local Domination Podcast, Kathleen Black talks about business scalability, seeing opportunities in your hurdles, and finding the place of passion and commitment in your work.

If you’re blaming the economy or market, you’re automatically making yourself prey to victim mindset. -Kathleen Black


  1. Inside Sales Agents are specialized in taking leads and understanding the psychology of where they’re at in the sales process.
  2. Business is so much harder if you don’t know who you are, what your values are, and what you’re here to do.
  3. When we have trouble leading ourselves, we also have trouble leading our clients.
  4. Marketing strategy for local domination: if you have money take the online route. If you have time, take the sweat equity approach.

At the start of the show, Kathleen shared on how she got started in her business, and how she invested in a company and completely turned it around. She shared on how discipline helped her in this process, and the mindset she applies to challenges. “Life is going to make it harder and harder until we pay attention and do what we’re meant to do.” Kathleen also talked about how we’re too easy on enabling each other to have the victim mentality. We also discussed the importance of finding the standalone piece that anchors you and your business. Towards the end of the show, we shared on finding the right marketing strategy depending on whether you have time or money, and finding the right people to hire.

Kathleen also shared insights on;

  • Why Inside Sales Agents are important for scalability
  • Why profit is irrelevant if you don’t know your purpose
  • How to stop blocking our own breakthroughs
  • How to stop being your own bottle neck in business
  • The best ways to strategically and safely leverage out

Discipline is a huge part of integrity. It allows us to me more powerful in all areas of our lives. It touches on how well we lead our clients, how we leverage, the value we bring to the table and how we’re anchored to our activities. Have the power to know what’s important to you with clarity, so you can make good decisions, shelter yourself from outside opinions and stay on track. Put yourself in a bubble that gives you a completely different perspective of the outside world. If you’re blaming the economy or market, you’re automatically making yourself prey to victim mindset and taking yourself out of the game.

Guest Bio

Kathleen has taken her experience as a top-producing Realtor and built it into a dynamic, results-driven consulting company where she serves as CEO, Motivational Speaker, Trainer and Elite Coach. The systems she used in her daily real estate business to get her to the top are now the backbone of a real estate consulting company specializing in helping Realtors across Canada and the US build top teams and take their business to incredible levels of success. Go to KathleenSpeaks.com for more information and find Kathleen on Facebook.

Restaurant Rockstars: Internal Marketing, Strategic Alliances & Customer Affinity w/Roger Beaudoin


Profitability is a fundamental in business, and a key to restaurants staying in business. How do seemingly functional establishments struggle to stay afloat? Why is internal marketing a huge factor in lasting success? What role do strategic alliances play in the growth of a restaurant? On this episode, restaurateur and founder of Restaurant Rockstars, Roger Beaudoin shares the keys to increasing profits, and how to go from spinning wheels to printing dollars.

If you can train your staff to market your business for you, then ultimately your customers are going to market your business for you. -Roger Beaudoin


  1. The restaurant business is about consistency and entertainment.
  2. Strategic alliances: Be community minded, sponsor community events and work together so everybody prospers.
  3. Before you roll out any powerful marketing program you have to take care of the fundamentals.
  4. Inventory: The restaurant business is notorious for theft, until you build your dream team staff, you won’t have a handle on this.

At the start of the show, Roger shared on how he got to where he is, and what helped him succeed. “Creating systems, applying business knowledge and treating every guest like they were the most important customer in my restaurant, and training my staff to do the same thing.” Next, he shared on staff training and creating a company culture of “hospitality, family, teamwork and respect.” Towards the end of the show, Roger talked about the value of being community minded, the actions that impact profitability and the importance of building your dream team.

Roger also shared on:

  • Why his staff is the backbone of his business
  • Internal marketing and how it can take a business to the next level
  • Customer affinity and why it matters
  • The power of strategic alliances
  • The importance of having a cash cow
  • How to build financial systems to max out your profits

A well-run restaurant business doesn’t by occur happenstance, or by default. It happens by design. It’s about finding efficiencies across all operations, dialing in your numbers, building strategic alliances and nurturing top-down purposeful intention. When an internal culture of teamwork and collective achievement is fostered, it radiates outwards and creates customer affinity. When you create affinity with your customer, there is nothing more powerful, because they’ll feel like they belong to your business.

Guest Bio

Roger is the Founder of the Sales Stars Server Training Program, Author of Rock Your Restaurant, a game-changing guide to Restaurant Finances and Creator of The Restaurant Rockstars Academy. He is a successful restaurant entrepreneur who has founded and operated 4 restaurants/hospitality companies over the past 18 years. He recently sold the Matterhorn SKI BAR in Maine, a seasonal restaurant and bar that generated over $1 MILLION dollars sales in just 4 months. Go to RestaurantRockstars.com for more information or send an email to Roger@RestaurantRockstars.com.

Beyond Direct Mail: How to Diversify Your Digital Marketing w/Bruce Irving


Action always beats intention, and that rings true for digital marketing. What tactics work at the highest level for local market domination? What strategies are people overlooking? On this episode, Smart Pizza Marketing founder Bruce Irving shares on the tactics average entrepreneurs should put on their radars, and the little hinges that open big doors to big breakthroughs.

When you’re a local business, and you’re spending 100% of your marketing budget on old marketing methods, you’re making a mistake. - Bruce Irving


  1. The money you spend on direct mail is money that can be used to reach those same people many times over, with Facebook advertising.
  2. Instagram stories allow you to post content that’s different from what you’d put on your feed.
  3. It’s much easier to get someone to go from Facebook to an online order than it is to go from Facebook to a phone call.

At the start of the show Bruce shared how he got started helping pizzerias dominate their local markets. He shared how he scales and leverages the location of a business. We also talked about what works at the highest levels for entrepreneurs, and the strategies that people are overlooking when it comes to marketing. “People are so entrenched in their old ways.” Next we discussed why it’s important to diversify your marketing, using Instagram for long-term branding, and the unique benefits offered by Snapchat.

Bruce also shared insights on:

  • Tactics average entrepreneurs are missing out on
  • The shortest path to getting Instagram to work for you
  • How to make yourself the only logical choice by having social proof
  • How to leverage the power of FREE
  • Simplifying social media and streamlining the process
  • The importance of tracking your ROI and making every ad dollar accountable for results

Many entrepreneurs are missing out on the chance to be the only logical choice for customers. If you remain in stuck in your old ways of marketing, you miss a huge part of the market. Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat offer advantages for your business to reach more people, and build brand stability through diversification. As you deploy your tactics, remember that each platform works differently. Make use of the power of FREE, and consider ways to use giveaways as lead bait. Ultimately, you want to make every dollar spent accountable for the results.

Guest Bio

Bruce Irving, the Founder of Smart Pizza Marketing is one of the foremost experts on Pizza marketing, working with many Pizza Restaurants to help them find more customers and turn them into repeat customers. Go to smartpizzamarketing.com for more information.

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Luxury Market Domination: Building Trust & Earning Your Clout w/Patrick Lilly


Luxury real estate is intimidating. What are the factors that make it different from the normal market, and how can agents display the expertise and mindset needed to break into it? On this episode, real estate expert, coach and speaker Patrick Lilly shares insights on tapping into the luxury market and dominating it.

You have a moral obligation to steer your clients towards what’s best for them. -Doren Aldana


  1. Luxury sellers want to list with people who have sold the same kind of properties.
  2. Affirmation, visualization and education help you overcome limiting beliefs, but it has to be embedded in your daily routine.
  3. Chasing leads is expensive in terms of dollars and time spent, building relationships to get referrals costs less.

At the start of the show, Patrick shared his career path and how he worked his way to luxury sales. He also talked about characteristics of luxury clients, and what they seek in agents, “their expectations on service are different from a first-time buyer.” We went on to share insights on developing relationships as a method of getting referral business. Towards the end of the show, we talked about the limiting beliefs that make it hard for agents to increase their ticket price and scale up.

Patrick also gave his perspectives on:

  • Borrowed credibility and leveraging a collaborator’s skills and clout
  • Spending less money on lead generation by seeking more referrals
  • The difference between being a trusted advisor and someone who wants to win a lead
  • Why following the news negatively influences your perception of the world
  • Looking inward and how that helps you discover your own limiting beliefs

The wealthy and famous may expect different things, but ultimately they are same as all of us. They are driven to get a person who can serve as a trusted advisor, not just another agent gunning for a listing. They want you to show a track record, so engineer your business to exceed expectations. When you hold that client’s interest at heart and not your own, you go far in earning the trust factor and being a conduit of their joy.

Guest Bio

Patrick is a Real Estate Broker, Life Coach, Speaker, and a World Traveler. He has been a successful residential real estate broker in Manhattan and Brooklyn for the past 30 years. Having sold over a billion dollars of real estate and more than 1,000 homes, Patrick's team is consistently ranked as one of the Wall Street Journal's top 250 teams in the nation. For more information go to www.PatrickLilly.com, or PatrickLillyTeam.com

Creating Effective Videos & Turning Them Into Local Leads w/Gene Volpe


How can you turn a video into solid local leads? What behaviors and mindsets are holding you back from these opportunities? What is the value of consistent presence and giving away useful, free information? On this episode, local marketing expert Gene Volpe discusses harnessing the opportunities in video.

The idea is to be there consistently and give away good free information. - Gene Volpe


  1. The mistakes people make with marketing is thinking nobody else wants to hear them, and not thinking they have anything useful to talk about.
  2. Until you can afford to pay someone to transcribe video on a W2 basis, use platforms like Upwork and Fiverr to get quality work.
  3. If someone is asking you questions, they think you’re the subject matter expert, and they have a need for an answer you can provide.

On this episode we discussed:

  • How to turn a video into local leads.  
  • The biggest sins people commit in video marketing
  • How to bring something seemingly mundane to life on video
  • The best content for helping your audience when it comes to video
  • How to be consistent
  • Video captioning and branding

What stops people from taking advantage of opportunities in video is mindset. This includes not thinking you have something useful to say, and thinking but not doing. Remember, the point is getting in your customer’s space and starting a conversation. It’s important to spin your sales pitch into a story to make it relatable. If you’re dragging your feet, note that the time you spend having a cup of coffee is time you could be using to create a 1 minute video

Guest Bio 

Gene Volpe is the founder of GVI Media (formerly Your Real Estate Concierge), speaker and local marketing expert. He has over 9 years of experience in the marketing arena. He is also well versed in the real estate field including buying, selling, renting, marketing and consulting on over 200 real estate transactions. He is an expert in brand establishment and elevation and remains on the cutting edge of real estate marketing with a hard focus on video and social media. Go to http://www.genevolpe.com/ for more information.

Local Domination Through Tailored Content, Radio Advertising & Podcasting w/Toby Salgado


What are top real estate agents doing to dominate their local area with radio advertising? How do you create and deploy content to reach your target audience? ? On this episode, serial entrepreneur and radio advertising expert Toby Salgado talks about building an attraction business and leveraging content through radio advertising or podcasting.

Before anyone transacts or buys - the process of getting them there is indoctrination, engagement, ascension and segmentation. - Toby Salgado


  1. Track everything. If you don’t measure it, you won’t be able to manage it.
  2. Facebook advertising and radio advertising are favorites because they allow you to target a demographic, in a way direct mail can’t.
  3. Don’t mix funnels in radio advertising. If your radio ad is for an offline piece, don’t make your call-to-action an online one.

On this episode we discussed:

  • What top agents are doing to dominate their local areas in relation to radio
  • Identifying your ideal client through demographics and psychographics
  • How to deploy capital for your marketing
  • Demographic targeting with Facebook ads and radio ads
  • Building an attraction business vs. a chase business
  • Indoctrination, engagement, ascension and segmentation
  • How to be determine your radio ad placement

The first step to local market domination is “start with who.” Who is your ideal client, what are their interests, where do they congregate and what keeps them up at night? Empowered with this information, you can tailor a specific message and channel it to the right place. If you get that market, message and medium match right, you’re on your way to succeeding with the indoctrination, engagement, ascension and segmentation.

Guest Bio

Toby Salgado is a serial entrepreneur, author and mentor. He mentored hundreds of high-performance entrepreneurs and over achievers through private programs or one-on-one mentoring and helps business owners optimize their results. He is also the founder and host of a podcast called Super Agents Live. Go to superagentslive.com for more information.

How To Make Your Local Business Easy To Find Online w/Feuza Reis


When it comes to local domination, nothing can make a bigger impact than SEO. It’s a chance to make sure you’re visible to the people searching for your product or service online. What are the most important things you can do now and how can you collaborate with other vendors to boost your rankings? We discuss making SEO simple in the eye of the local business owner with SEO consultant and photographer, Feuza Reis (Fuse).


Blogging matters, it gives you a voice. -Feuza Reis

Your Key Takeaways 

  1. Why there are multiple ways for you to show up on Google, not just the job + location keyword combination
  2. One high-impact way to make your busines easy to find on a Google search
  3. The right way to check your Google rankings so your search results aren't filtered by your Gmail account

On this episode we discussed

  • The importance of having your business listed online
  • Developing the right keywords and key phrases
  • How you can stand out from the rest by changing your strategy
  • Blogging and why it matters

For your business to perform well in local search, you have to avoid using the same keywords and phrases your competitors are using. It’s also important to make yourself a resource with a blog. If you know your clients, the topics they are seeking and create good content around that, you will get the biggest bang for your buck.

Guest Bio

Feuza helps creative entrepreneurs and bloggers get found online. Her true passion is to equip creative solopreuneurs and bloggers with practical DIY SEO training so they can remove the layers of fears and doubts when it comes to understanding what Google wants. Go to GetFoundWithFuse.com for more information.