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Beyond Direct Mail: How to Diversify Your Digital Marketing w/Bruce Irving

February 8, 2017

Action always beats intention, and that rings true for digital marketing. What tactics work at the highest level for local market domination? What strategies are people overlooking? On this episode, Smart Pizza Marketing founder Bruce Irving shares on the tactics average entrepreneurs should put on their radars, and the little hinges that open big doors to big breakthroughs.

When you’re a local business, and you’re spending 100% of your marketing budget on old marketing methods, you’re making a mistake. - Bruce Irving


  1. The money you spend on direct mail is money that can be used to reach those same people many times over, with Facebook advertising.
  2. Instagram stories allow you to post content that’s different from what you’d put on your feed.
  3. It’s much easier to get someone to go from Facebook to an online order than it is to go from Facebook to a phone call.

At the start of the show Bruce shared how he got started helping pizzerias dominate their local markets. He shared how he scales and leverages the location of a business. We also talked about what works at the highest levels for entrepreneurs, and the strategies that people are overlooking when it comes to marketing. “People are so entrenched in their old ways.” Next we discussed why it’s important to diversify your marketing, using Instagram for long-term branding, and the unique benefits offered by Snapchat.

Bruce also shared insights on:

  • Tactics average entrepreneurs are missing out on
  • The shortest path to getting Instagram to work for you
  • How to make yourself the only logical choice by having social proof
  • How to leverage the power of FREE
  • Simplifying social media and streamlining the process
  • The importance of tracking your ROI and making every ad dollar accountable for results

Many entrepreneurs are missing out on the chance to be the only logical choice for customers. If you remain in stuck in your old ways of marketing, you miss a huge part of the market. Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat offer advantages for your business to reach more people, and build brand stability through diversification. As you deploy your tactics, remember that each platform works differently. Make use of the power of FREE, and consider ways to use giveaways as lead bait. Ultimately, you want to make every dollar spent accountable for the results.

Guest Bio

Bruce Irving, the Founder of Smart Pizza Marketing is one of the foremost experts on Pizza marketing, working with many Pizza Restaurants to help them find more customers and turn them into repeat customers. Go to smartpizzamarketing.com for more information.

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