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How to Stop Relying On Zillow and Start Getting Clients Using Social Media w/James Rembert

September 20, 2018

Buying leads from platforms like Zillow can be expensive and time consuming. In the end, a very small percentage of the leads we pay for actually convert into clients — but what other options do we have? How can social media filter out low-quality leads by using custom audiences? What’s the role of video content in all of this? In this episode, James Rembert, the “Zillow Killer”, shares how effective and cost-efficient Facebook advertising can be.​


The key to Facebook advertising is being a human. -James Rembert


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  • Social media is all about communities and relationships. If we don’t treat it as such, people won’t engage with our content.
  • Video isn’t just an option. It’s an essential part of any paid traffic strategy, and a powerful way to connect with others.
  • The best way to increase our reach on social media is by being helpful without mentioning what we do for a living.


At the beginning, we talked about why many of us fail at social media advertising and why it’s important to build relationships first, and then advertise to a custom audience. We also covered why it’s important to calculate the cost per conversation as opposed to the cost per click.


We also covered:

  • How to build custom audiences on Facebook
  • Why it’s important to focus on local clients
  • How living in obscurity impacts our probability to succeed

People work with us because of who we are. Emotions we evoke and the value we deliver are the factors that drive the sale. However, unless we have conversations with people, we can’t tap into their emotions or demonstrate that we can provide value. The best way to draw people to us is to create video content. Videos can help us filter out the time wasters who wouldn’t like us in the first place, and attract the types of people who like our style and approach.


Guest Bio -

James Rembert is the Zillow Killer. Using Facebook, he provides marketing solutions to real estate agents who want to get high-quality leads without investing large amounts of money in platforms like Zillow. You can find out more about James and his work at http://www.jamesrembert.com/