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Mission Critical Tactics to Move You Forward in a Big Way w/Jean Hanson

June 22, 2017

Marketing is harder and harder to stay on top of nowadays. What are the fundamental things you need to take care of? How do you make sure you’re showing up well on Google? Why is it so necessary to invest in high level coaching? On this episode of Local Domination, Jean Hanson shares how she built her business, and how to be a more effective marketer.

Take action on the things that will move you forward in a big way. -Jean Hanson


  • We get so caught up in the day-to day running of the business, that we end up not moving the business forward.
  • Take a look at what’s actually working, and do more of that.
  • Do what you do best and get others to do the rest.  

At the start of the show, Jean shared how she got started, and how she launched her various businesses. Next, we talked about the importance of having specialized knowledge, and the importance of not getting too caught up in the day to day of running your business. She also talked about how she started a coaching community, and why it’s so necessary to be found on Google. Towards the end of the show, we talked about doing more of what works.

Jean also spoke about:

  • Running a business together as a married couple
  • The power of investing in high level coaching
  • The necessity of delegating and giving your team ownership of their tasks
  • Why reviews are mission critical

You become more and more valuable with specialized knowledge, and that applies to your marketing. When you run a business, it’s so easy to get caught up on working in the business, without working on the business. To overcome this, make a list of what you shouldn’t be doing and delegate it to people on your team. Study your business and see what’s really working, and leave behind what isn’t. To dominate on Google, make sure you’re doing everything necessary for the search engine to view you as a legitimate local business. Once this happens, the customers will follow.

Guest Bio

Jean is a Cleaning Business Consultant, Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, Speaker and Founder  of Marketing Systems By Design. She co-owned two commercial cleaning companies since 1986. After selling the first company in Boise 2002, Jean and husband Steve started another cleaning company in Minnesota. At the same time she started a professional virtual assistant business, which she ran for 5 years. In 2005 the Hansons started an online subscription website for owners of cleaning companies, which they still run today. Go to TheJanitorialStore.com and MyHouseCleaningBiz.com for more details.