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The 10 Characteristics of a Top Performer w/Shon Kokoska

October 18, 2018

Rather than envy high achievers, why not find out what their secrets are, so you can become one of them? What are the success habits of top performers? What activities should we pour the lion's share of our resources into that produce the best results? In this episode, Shon Kokoska talks about the 10 Characteristics of top performers.​


Every dream that you have comes with a price tag. Are you willing to pay the price to obtain the dream? -Shon Kokoska



  • In the first phase of growth, every income generation activity is done by us. No matter how productive we are, we have a natural ceiling of achievement.
  • Research shows that around 20% of our activities yield 80% of our results. When it comes to sales, prospecting and lead generation are the activities that are the most important for the growth of our business.
  • We can’t thrive if we live in an environment where nobody believes in us or in the possibility of achieving our goals.


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At the beginning of the episode, we talked about the phases of business growth and how we can progress from one phase to another. Next, we covered what activities are the most important for our business growth and what it takes to build a winner mindset.

We also covered:

  • Why we need to recognize the activities that are worth building habits around
  • How long it takes to build a habit
  • How sharing our goals with others will make us work even harder to reach them


Trying to reinvent the wheel will cause us to lose money and time. One of the most important characteristics of top performers is being teachable and having the ability to follow proven plans instead of just winging it. We have to seek mentors and do things differently instead of repeating the same processes that didn’t work the first time. Also, we must be willing to walk the extra mile in all of our endeavors. Those who do a little more every day will finish first.


Guest Bio -

Shon Kokoska is a trainer, consultant, and coach for real estate agents. He has over 25 years of experience in real estate sales and marketing. He is also a John Maxwell-certified coach and the creator of Icon Coaching, where he hosts an elite program for real estate agents as well as live events and growth, sales, and marketing courses. You can schedule a free business assessment here.