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The Principles of Dominating Local Search w/Justin Morgan

July 12, 2018

Local search can be the difference between you being the only logical choice or being ignored, or even worse, being kept in the darkness of obscurity. What can you do to be found by the right clients, at the right time (when they're actually searching for your product or service)? What are the differences between PPC and SEO, and how can you use these tools profitably? What factors help you become dominant in your local area? On this episode, we are joined by the Dental Marketing Guy, Justin Morgan, who shares insights on optimizing reputation and presence when people are searching online for what you have to offer.​



When you offer value and really good content, Google recognizes that. -Justin Morgan


  • When you advertise on Facebook you have to disrupt people, but when you do SEO, people are already searching.

  • Adwords advantages: more control, ability to ratchet it up with your data 

  • Your reviews can very often determine if you’re going to be at the top of the results.


At the start of the show, Justin Morgan shared how he got started and why he specialized in marketing for dentists. We talked about the keywords and phrase formats that show buyer intent, and the importance of determining what your ROI will be on the backend. We also talked about how reviews and photos play into search rankings. Towards the end, Justin shared some of the more technical details that affect your search ranking.

We also discussed:

  • How to get more granular and perfectly geometric accurate data
  • SEO vs. Adwords
  • The advantages of having a good SEO ranking

If you want to really dominate your space, you have to have an arsenal of well-sharpened tactics. If you want to build a solid recession-proof business that thrives in and out of season, you need to have multiple engines to feed your business with quality clientele. SEO and PPC are two powerful strategies that can completely change how many people come to your site and buy your service. Keywords are important, but so are things like reviews, pictures and details like H3 tags, links and website usability. These things will do a lot of selling for you, so it’s critical that you optimize them.


Guest Bio -

Justin is a marketing consultant. He is the founder of Dental Marketing Guy. Go to https://dentalmarketingguy.com/ for more information.

To check out his process for determining the ROI of SEO, go to https://dentalmarketingguy.com/velscoping-keywords-seo/.