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Strategic Marketing: Why You Only Need to Be One Step Ahead of Your Competition w/Bernice Ross


Many entrepreneurs feel like something stands between them and their big break. Are we holding ourselves back from succeeding? What are the best ways to stay focused and persistent? Can we really change our routine one step at a time? In this episode, award-winning business coach and marketing expert Bernice Ross reveals her top advice on how persistence and a positive, proactive outlook can help us build our business.

It's easier to deal from a point of strength than from your weaknesses. - Bernice Ross

Takeaways + Tactics

  • How to identify the types of people most attracted to your business and target them directly
  • When to pour gasoline on the fire and keep going until it succeeds
  • How to prevent distraction in your marketing

We started off the show with talking about Bernice's background and how she got into real estate. Then Bernice gave some very good advice on staying persistent and conditioning yourself to be persistent. She also touched upon some psychology, especially the "supermarket" psychology and the benefits of fully stretching for getting your brain psychologically ready for a challenge. Bernice then explained the PERSPIRE model and how it helps you feel in charge. Afterwards, we talked about the importance of working IN your business and evaluating your numbers week-to-week. Then Bernice shared her best tactics for overcoming competition easily. We also talked about the benefits of a positive outlook on life. Finally, we mentioned how improving your routine can be the route towards improving yourself. Bernice explained "the one push-up approach" and getting through he first hard minutes to achieve results.

We also discussed:

  • Bernice's new book and its application to business
  • Overcoming yourself as your biggest foe
  • Using the peak points in your daily energy
  • Targeting your perfect clients
  • Identifying your strengths and delegating what you can't do
  • Reaching different people through different networks
  • Dealing with procrastination and being overwhelmed

When it comes to being persistent in what you want and following your goals, you can often be your biggest foe. No one places restrictions as tough as the ones you place on yourself. Practice being your own support rather than your own worst enemy. Once you're confident in yourself, reach out and start expanding your business. Identify your biggest consumer pool and target them directly. Figure out which group of people is affected by a problem YOU can solve and then tell them exactly HOW you can solve it.  

Guest Bio  

Bernice Ross is a nationally syndicated columnist, author, trainer, and speaker. She couples her expertise as a Master Certified Coach with over 20 years of real estate sales experience. Bernice has two best selling real estate books to her credit, plus over 1,000 articles in publications such as Inman News, The Swanepoel Trends Report for 2015, Banker Tradesman, and numerous association and trade publications. Find out more about Bernice at realestatecoach.com

How to Break Into a Vertical Using Local Search Strategies w/Dean Heasley


Even if your company offers the best service or product in the world, no one will know about it unless you market it properly. How do you break through and convince the audience that your work is worth their time? What's the best tactics on improving your Google presence? What are the greatest mistakes you can make on your own website? We sit down with marketing guru, Dean Heasley for a lesson on how to successfully use local search strategies to achieve success.

I'm not paying myself to say no. And I'm definitely not getting paid to tell myself no. - Dean Heasley


  • Three times the amount of people will see your Google My Business page than your actual website. Work on it to make it presentable.
  • Just ask your clients to give you Google reviews - and always make sure to respond to them and be proactive in communication.
  • Local directories are one of the main ways in which Google recognizes consistency and authority. Learn how to dominate them.

We kicked off this episode with talking about Dean's background in marketing and how he found his calling in the unlikely business of selling elevators. We then talked about the steps you can take to improve your presence on Google and the importance of reviews. Dean explained why reputation and reviews are everything when it comes to marketing locally. Dean then shared his favorite tool for getting more local visibility, AdviceLocal - and explained how it works and how it can help any business that feels a bit stuck. We then talked about our pet peeves when it comes to online and digital marketing. Finally, Dean finished off with his favorite marketing mantra: that nobody's paying him to say no.

We also discussed:

  • Using your Google My Business account as a game-changer
  • Advice for technophobes, who want to grow their business locally
  • Getting reviews from happy customers
  • How a business without many reviews can work towards a good reputation
  • What makes a good-looking, functional website
  • The strong relationship between offline and online marketing

In today's day and age, being a technophobe isn't an excuse for not utilizing effective digital marketing techniques. Make sure you pick the right methods to target your local market. Take some time to work on your Google My Business page. Even if it seems like a tedious task, it will pay off in the future as more and more customers find your business through that page. If you're wondering whether to choose between two things - like web forms vs. emails on a website - the easy way is to go for both. That way you're giving your audience more choice, which instills confidence and builds rapport from the get-go. Finally, always keep your communication channels open and make it obvious on your page how customers can contact you.

Guest Bio

Dean Heasley is the CEO of Nashville Marketing Systems. Before his break in marketing, Dean spent a decade in national sales in the elevator industry. Most of his employers looked to him for marketing advice even though he was on the business development side. He's been consulting in one form or another since 2005. Dean's niche - elevator sales - is his specialty and he truly enjoys the challenges, the travel, and mostly, the customers. His sales philosophy is that he works for the customers, not for his employer. Find out more about Dean and his groundbreaking marketing at nashvillemarketingsystems.com

How Automation Can Benefit Your Business w/Brett Farr


Having a lot of leads is always a good start for any business. But how do you make these leads turn into customers? What are the benefits of automation - can it really bring you closer to your business? And how can you target the specific problems in our market without spreading yourself too thin? Automation specialist from Blick Digital, Brett Farr sheds some light on how automation can benefit your business' efficiency, help you identify the groups within your market, and considerably increase your profit.

Sell the prospect and don't just sell your product. - Brett Farr


  • Don't spread yourself too thin by trying to market to too many niches - pick the one or two that are the most profitable and focus on them.
  • Find who your prospects are and market directly to them rather than just up-selling the benefits of your product.
  • Make people feel like they're a part of the process and create their unique marketing experience.

We started the episode with a little bit of background on Brett and his work. Then we discussed some of the most common objections Brett identifies in his work and the best ways to overcome them. Afterwards, we talked about how a lot of small businesses just focus on marketing their product rather than on their audience and how we can work to overcome that. Brett also talked about finding your client's "pain points" - their most pressing needs - and working to relieve those before anything else. Finally, Brett recommended some good software for novice business owners and stressed how important it is to know and address the market you're selling to in your marketing.

We also talked about:

  • How automation can bring you closer to your business
  • The benefit of sending the right message to the right market
  • The importance of good market segmentation
  • Identifying your biggest challenge and selling its solution
  • Best practice for internal and external marketing

Many business owners may be ready to dismiss automation even before having tried it out of a fear that it will make their client communication forced and robotic. The reality is that automation can significantly increase the accuracy in your segmentation and help you know your market a lot better. After all, the secret to a good marketing strategy is having a customized approach to your customers rather than doing a big blanket sale of your product. Focus on your customers' needs and know how to broach them - that way your product will automatically become relevant for their needs. Automation can help make a great difference in the way you see and treat your market and, while it requires hard work and investment to get going, you will reap the results soon enough.

Guest Bio

Brett Farr is an expert in using Infusionsoft and a guru for all things automation. He's the founder of Blick Digital, an agency that guides service-based business owners on the path to Infusionsoft proficiency. Using automation, Blick Digital helps entrepreneurs get more of their time back and increase their business profit by relying on automation. Before Blick Digital, Brett has also worked directly with Infusionsoft to help implement best marketing practice. He's also the co-founder of Chitter Reviews, an automation service to help businesses get more reviews. Find out more about Brett's work with Blick Digital on blickdigital.com

Mission Critical Tactics to Move You Forward in a Big Way w/Jean Hanson


Marketing is harder and harder to stay on top of nowadays. What are the fundamental things you need to take care of? How do you make sure you’re showing up well on Google? Why is it so necessary to invest in high level coaching? On this episode of Local Domination, Jean Hanson shares how she built her business, and how to be a more effective marketer.

Take action on the things that will move you forward in a big way. -Jean Hanson


  • We get so caught up in the day-to day running of the business, that we end up not moving the business forward.
  • Take a look at what’s actually working, and do more of that.
  • Do what you do best and get others to do the rest.  

At the start of the show, Jean shared how she got started, and how she launched her various businesses. Next, we talked about the importance of having specialized knowledge, and the importance of not getting too caught up in the day to day of running your business. She also talked about how she started a coaching community, and why it’s so necessary to be found on Google. Towards the end of the show, we talked about doing more of what works.

Jean also spoke about:

  • Running a business together as a married couple
  • The power of investing in high level coaching
  • The necessity of delegating and giving your team ownership of their tasks
  • Why reviews are mission critical

You become more and more valuable with specialized knowledge, and that applies to your marketing. When you run a business, it’s so easy to get caught up on working in the business, without working on the business. To overcome this, make a list of what you shouldn’t be doing and delegate it to people on your team. Study your business and see what’s really working, and leave behind what isn’t. To dominate on Google, make sure you’re doing everything necessary for the search engine to view you as a legitimate local business. Once this happens, the customers will follow.

Guest Bio

Jean is a Cleaning Business Consultant, Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, Speaker and Founder  of Marketing Systems By Design. She co-owned two commercial cleaning companies since 1986. After selling the first company in Boise 2002, Jean and husband Steve started another cleaning company in Minnesota. At the same time she started a professional virtual assistant business, which she ran for 5 years. In 2005 the Hansons started an online subscription website for owners of cleaning companies, which they still run today. Go to TheJanitorialStore.com and MyHouseCleaningBiz.com for more details.

Ninja Marketing Tactics: How to Get More Out of Your Budget & Increase ROI w/Tom Cafarella


People are getting bombarded with millions of marketing messages every day. How do you make sure your marketing is reaching your target market, and actually getting noticed by them? What are the marketing tactics local business owners can use to increase their ROI? On this episode, Tom Cafarella joins us to discuss how he became a lead generation master and his top strategies.

Have your audience defined from day one or you’ll be throwing money out of the window. - Tom Cafarella


  • Mailing allows you to specifically target the exact person you’re sending to.
  • Know how to communicate to different needs: someone who is behind on their mortgage has different problems from a person with a lot of equity in their property.
  • The biggest mistake people make is inconsistent marketing. 

At the start of the show, Tom shared how he got started and how he came up during the crash. Next, we talked about marketing tactics for the local business owner, and why you have to try different methods and test out what’s working. We discussed how to stand out in a world full of marketing messages, and towards the end of the show, we talked about the power of Facebook groups.

Tom also spoke about;

  • Why you need build an avatar of who you’re selling to
  • Why Facebook is so great for marketing
  • His top lead generation strategies
  • Why you should never drop your marketing budget

The biggest mistake people make with marketing is dropping it and picking it up at will. They focus on marketing till they get the work, and when they finish the work they have to start marketing again. To avoid this, never drop your marketing budget and take it further by squeezing more from the budget. Find your target market, define who it is specifically, and speak to them specifically.

Guest Bio
Tom is the Owner/Broker of Cameron Real Estate Group. He also an Investor, trainer, residential team leader and seller lead gen expert. "Cameron Real Estate Group was founded in 2004, and began working with homeowners facing mortgage related issues in 2007 when the Boston real estate market began it''s decline. Since 2007 the team has helped nearly one thousand Bay State homeowners. Go to realestateinvestingiseasy.com for more information.

How to Develop a Hard Hitting USP w/Michael Hellickson


A sales or service professional who is fully comfortable with what they bring to the table should be able to back it up. How do you develop your Unique Selling Proposition? What is the role of a great USP and how does it make your marketing easier and more effective? On this episode, real estate coach and former nationwide #1 real estate agent Michael Hellickson shares his expertise on these questions and how to get breakthrough results.

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  • A risk reversal guarantee is absolutely the best USP.

  • Your attire should strengthen your message, not weaken it.

  • If a sales professional can focus 90% of their day on lead gen, lead conversion and lead follow up, everything else will work itself out.


At the start of the show, Michael shared on how he got to where he is today, and we talked about why he invested in a coach. Next we discussed the secrets of the world class and why it’s important to start telling your subconscious mind a new story. We also talked about the importance of a USP and how so many agents are finding success with the risk reversal guarantee. Towards the end of the show, we talked about the importance of aligning your environment to your success.

Michael also shared insights on;

  • The three things sales professionals should spend 90% of their time on
  • His perfect day schedule
  • Not neglecting family time
  • The power of dressing the part


If you're in sales, you are in the lead gen business, if you run out of leads you have no one to serve. So the work that requires your focus is lead generation, conversion and follow up. If you want to change your outcome, change what’s inside your head by exposing yourself to positive influences. Develop great habits, have your head where it needs to be, and focus on your own production. A powerful USP shows that you are confident about what you can do, so put some real thought into creating one.

CEO Michael Hellickson's Club Wealth® Coaching and Consulting, an Executive Business Consulting Firm that offers coaching and training to business owners worldwide. In select scenarios, Michael also invests in and partners with profitable companies looking to take their business to the next level. Michael has been a leader in the real estate industry, where he built a multi-million dollar business as a real estate agent, eventually becoming the Nations #1 real estate agent. During his career, Hellickson has spoken to and coached thousands of students and organizations nationwide. Go to clubwealth.com for more information.

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The Power of Building From the Success Up w/Pat Hiban


The act of thinking like a champion has to be built. How do you apply this to your goals and the marketing you do for your business? How do affirmations help you believe in your possibilities? How do you leverage your successes and dance in your strengths? On this episode, Pat Hiban shares on marketing strategies that work, and the assets you should be leveraging for success.


  • The business rises and falls with your mouth and your actions.
  • Everybody you meet needs to know the business you’re in, it’s the cheapest form of marketing.
  • Look at your goals everyday, so you start believing you’re worthy of said goals

At the start of the show, Pat shared on his story, and the role mindset plays in his success. We also talked about how to think like a champion, and why changing your circumstances starts with changing yourself. Next, we discussed the power of looking at your goals everyday, and the use of affirmations. Towards the end of the show, we talked about the ways people leave money on the table in business.

Pat also shared on:

  • The power of dancing in your strengths
  • The one thing people get wrong about marketing their business
  • The assets you should be leveraging
  • The power of using Facebook marketing
  • Why you need to get advice from the right people 

The success of your business hinges on what you say about it and what you do. It’s important to dance in your superpowers and leverage your successes. The first thing you should be doing is fully being the marketing, and being the person that won’t shut up about your business. It’s also important to avoid getting advice from the wrong people. Ask the people with a proven track record in your arena, so you’re on the path to success. If you want to change your circumstance, you have to change yourself first.

Pat Hiban is an Author, Speaker,Podcast Host and Co-founder of GoBundance. Pat Hiban Interviews Real Estate Rockstars is a top-ranked, 3-day a week real estate podcast, hosted by billion dollar agent Pat Hiban, interviewing the best of the best in and around the real estate industry. After building a team of over 50 members and making millions in the real estate sales world, Pat realized he had spent over two decades being led by mentors while growing very few mentees. It was at this point that he wrote his New York Times Best Selling Book -“6 Steps to 7 Figures, A Real Estate Professional’s Guide Building Wealth and Creating your Destiny.” Not too long after , Pat Hiban Interviews Real Estate Rockstars was born. Here you’ll find the best voices in the Real Estate Industry including everyone from the world’s top agents to the world’s newest top producing rookies. You’ll hear from the industries top coaches and the one’s who have made millions and even billions investing in the Real Estate game. Go to http://hibandigital.com/about/ http://www.gobundance.com/.

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The Fab 5 of Local Marketing w/Matt Johnson


The marketing funnel keeps getting longer, so we need to provide more value. How do we make sure we’re giving value every step of the way? How does Facebook make this easier? How do we increase the reach of the marketing content we put out? On this episode of The Local Domination podcast, Matt Johnson joins us for a mastermind about the 5 most effective local marketing strategies.

People cannot tell how technically good we are at what we do, they review us based on the quality of the experience we gave them. -Matt Johnson


  1. Polls are self-congregating devices that give you an idea of who is interested in your content and who you can send your marketing to.
  2. Always craft mobile and desktop Facebook content differently.
  3. Cast a wider net by marketing to the lukewarm people, not just the people who need your service right now.

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At the start of the show, we talked about using boosted Facebook videos to track the people who engage with your content, so you can remarket to them. Next, we talked about mastering the lengthening of the marketing funnel and how to use Facebook to make that easier. We also talked about the importance of having really good ad graphics, how to use chat bots, and the advantages of joint ventures, Towards the end of the show, we talked about what truly motivates clients to hire service professionals.

Matt also shared insights on;

  • The importance of “easy yes propositions”
  • How to strategically use Facebook groups
  • How to tap into someone’s network
  • Why you need to be the orchestrator not the technician

When it comes to marketing, instant gratification is only going to work for people who need your service right now. If you don’t cast a wider net to the more lukewarm and cold people, you are missing the opportunity to create long-term business. Reach out to the world at large, and then start drawing them in a little closer one step at a time, providing value at each level. Give them the cheese by avoiding making an ask too soon in the process. Remember people hire you because of the service you provide, so perfect that experience for them. Make sure it’s systematic, highly professional, conveys your unique value prop and ultimately, makes you look good.

Guest Bio

Matt Johnson is the founder of Pursuing Results, a podcast PR firm that provides production and guest booking services. Matt is also a partner in Elite Real Estate Systems, which consults with agents around the country to build dominant real estate teams. Connect with Matt on LinkedIn.

Elite Level Performance: How to Lead Yourself So You Can Lead Your Clients Effectively w/Kathleen Black


Our business reflects who we are. How can discipline in your thoughts and routines influence your actions? How do you improve conversion and teach Inside Sales Agents to maximize every lead? On this episode of the Local Domination Podcast, Kathleen Black talks about business scalability, seeing opportunities in your hurdles, and finding the place of passion and commitment in your work.

If you’re blaming the economy or market, you’re automatically making yourself prey to victim mindset. -Kathleen Black


  1. Inside Sales Agents are specialized in taking leads and understanding the psychology of where they’re at in the sales process.
  2. Business is so much harder if you don’t know who you are, what your values are, and what you’re here to do.
  3. When we have trouble leading ourselves, we also have trouble leading our clients.
  4. Marketing strategy for local domination: if you have money take the online route. If you have time, take the sweat equity approach.

At the start of the show, Kathleen shared on how she got started in her business, and how she invested in a company and completely turned it around. She shared on how discipline helped her in this process, and the mindset she applies to challenges. “Life is going to make it harder and harder until we pay attention and do what we’re meant to do.” Kathleen also talked about how we’re too easy on enabling each other to have the victim mentality. We also discussed the importance of finding the standalone piece that anchors you and your business. Towards the end of the show, we shared on finding the right marketing strategy depending on whether you have time or money, and finding the right people to hire.

Kathleen also shared insights on;

  • Why Inside Sales Agents are important for scalability
  • Why profit is irrelevant if you don’t know your purpose
  • How to stop blocking our own breakthroughs
  • How to stop being your own bottle neck in business
  • The best ways to strategically and safely leverage out

Discipline is a huge part of integrity. It allows us to me more powerful in all areas of our lives. It touches on how well we lead our clients, how we leverage, the value we bring to the table and how we’re anchored to our activities. Have the power to know what’s important to you with clarity, so you can make good decisions, shelter yourself from outside opinions and stay on track. Put yourself in a bubble that gives you a completely different perspective of the outside world. If you’re blaming the economy or market, you’re automatically making yourself prey to victim mindset and taking yourself out of the game.

Guest Bio

Kathleen has taken her experience as a top-producing Realtor and built it into a dynamic, results-driven consulting company where she serves as CEO, Motivational Speaker, Trainer and Elite Coach. The systems she used in her daily real estate business to get her to the top are now the backbone of a real estate consulting company specializing in helping Realtors across Canada and the US build top teams and take their business to incredible levels of success. Go to KathleenSpeaks.com for more information and find Kathleen on Facebook.

Restaurant Rockstars: Internal Marketing, Strategic Alliances & Customer Affinity w/Roger Beaudoin


Profitability is a fundamental in business, and a key to restaurants staying in business. How do seemingly functional establishments struggle to stay afloat? Why is internal marketing a huge factor in lasting success? What role do strategic alliances play in the growth of a restaurant? On this episode, restaurateur and founder of Restaurant Rockstars, Roger Beaudoin shares the keys to increasing profits, and how to go from spinning wheels to printing dollars.

If you can train your staff to market your business for you, then ultimately your customers are going to market your business for you. -Roger Beaudoin


  1. The restaurant business is about consistency and entertainment.
  2. Strategic alliances: Be community minded, sponsor community events and work together so everybody prospers.
  3. Before you roll out any powerful marketing program you have to take care of the fundamentals.
  4. Inventory: The restaurant business is notorious for theft, until you build your dream team staff, you won’t have a handle on this.

At the start of the show, Roger shared on how he got to where he is, and what helped him succeed. “Creating systems, applying business knowledge and treating every guest like they were the most important customer in my restaurant, and training my staff to do the same thing.” Next, he shared on staff training and creating a company culture of “hospitality, family, teamwork and respect.” Towards the end of the show, Roger talked about the value of being community minded, the actions that impact profitability and the importance of building your dream team.

Roger also shared on:

  • Why his staff is the backbone of his business
  • Internal marketing and how it can take a business to the next level
  • Customer affinity and why it matters
  • The power of strategic alliances
  • The importance of having a cash cow
  • How to build financial systems to max out your profits

A well-run restaurant business doesn’t by occur happenstance, or by default. It happens by design. It’s about finding efficiencies across all operations, dialing in your numbers, building strategic alliances and nurturing top-down purposeful intention. When an internal culture of teamwork and collective achievement is fostered, it radiates outwards and creates customer affinity. When you create affinity with your customer, there is nothing more powerful, because they’ll feel like they belong to your business.

Guest Bio

Roger is the Founder of the Sales Stars Server Training Program, Author of Rock Your Restaurant, a game-changing guide to Restaurant Finances and Creator of The Restaurant Rockstars Academy. He is a successful restaurant entrepreneur who has founded and operated 4 restaurants/hospitality companies over the past 18 years. He recently sold the Matterhorn SKI BAR in Maine, a seasonal restaurant and bar that generated over $1 MILLION dollars sales in just 4 months. Go to RestaurantRockstars.com for more information or send an email to Roger@RestaurantRockstars.com.